Apple Maps ‘Look Around’ Feature Expands to Atlanta, Georgia

Apple today broadened its “Look Around” function for Apple Maps to Atlanta, Georgia, according to Apple Maps specialist Justin OBeirne. The growth marks Apples 14th Look Around update because the feature was launched in June 2019.
Look Around was initially introduced in iOS 13, and it provides 3D street-level images just like Googles Street View. At launch, Look Around was limited to just a handful of cities, however Apple has actually been expanding it ever since and it is now an alternative in more than 20 cities and regions worldwide.
Apple has a list of the places where Look Around is supported on its site, with availability in cities that include New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, Portland, Denver, Phoenix, London, Tokyo, Dublin, and more.
Apples last Look Around upgrade remained in February, with the feature concerning San Diego and Portland.