Apple’s App Store ad hire comes from Facebook, and that’s the least controversial thing about them

Apple working with an ex-Facebook exec to work on its App Store and News advertisement team is a doubtful decision. Because Apple and Facebook are at war over advertising, not. Because Apple is the target of suits and regulators over anti-trust issues, not. Because Antonio Garcia Martinez is “a jackass, a bad hire” if were being exceptionally generous.

Apple worths
You can find a link to Apples Inclusion and Diversity page from the bottom of for a summary of the companys core values. Apples approach is summed up perfectly there:

Across Apple, weve strengthened our enduring commitment to making our company more inclusive and the world more just. Where every fantastic idea can be heard. And everyone belongs.

This isnt simply PR promote Apple. The company launches annual updates on its efforts to work with diversely, and it puts its cash where its mouth is with programs intended to give voice to women and individuals of color in technology.
So why is Apple providing Garcia Martinez a huge pass?
Facebook isnt the problem
Regardless of what you believe about Facebook, its the credibility of Antonio Garcia Martinez particularly that should raise concerns about how this hire was approved by Apple.
A basic online search informs you all you require to learn about AGM, and it originates from their tell-all book about Silicon Valley. You do not even require to read the book yourself to get the essence of the problem with Antonio Garcia Martinez at Apple.
When covering an excerpt from AGMs tell-all, Gizmodo included this disclaimer to caution readers about the contents of the book:

Check out more from Huyens blog site post to get a clear image of the new Apple Ads Platform item engineer.
Now what?
Weve connected to Apple for discuss working with AGM, offered its released perspectives, and well update if we hear back. Definitely, App Store advertisement efficiency isnt more important for Apple than company worths of inclusiveness. Think of working under somebody with these views in spite of being a worker at Apple.
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Prior to we launch into it, however, an essential note: Martinez thrills in explaining the bad habits and questionable conduct of locations like Facebook, however hes guilty of exactly the same kind of dickishness. His treatment of females is particularly dreadful– he describes ladies in the Bay Area as “weak and soft” with “self-regarding entitlement feminism”– and the book is peppered with casual homophobia and misogyny. (A nice example from page 33: “Whether it be a Breathalyzer or a banana, you cant make eye contact with a guy while decreasing on something. Its too unusual.”).


In their own words.
Computer system researcher and Sanford trainer Chip Huyen blogged about AGM in a blog post in March 2019 called “An easy reason that there arent more ladies in tech– were okay with misogyny.” In their piece, Huyen offers more particular examples of AGMs views, not captured on a hot mic or a drunk DM, but written and modified for publishing.
Apples new App Store ad employee:.

Apple hiring an ex-Facebook officer to work on its App Store and News advertisement team is a doubtful choice. Not since Apple and Facebook are at war over advertising. Not since Apple is the target of suits and regulators over anti-trust concerns. Weve reached out to Apple for remark on hiring AGM, offered its released viewpoints, and well upgrade if we hear back. Undoubtedly, App Store advertisement performance isnt more crucial for Apple than company worths of inclusiveness.

” PMMess, as well call her, was composed of rotating Bézier curves from top to bottom: convex, then concave, and then convex again, in a vertical undulation you couldnt take your eyes off of. Unlike a lot of women at Facebook (or in the Bay Area, really) she understood how to dress; forties-style, form-fitting gowns from neck to knee were her essential. Her blonde hair was balanced out by olive skin, and brilliant blue eyes shone like headlights from her neotenic face.”.

” Most females in the Bay Area are soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and normally full of shit. They have their self-regarding privilege feminism, and constantly vaunt their independence, but the truth is, come the epidemic pester or foreign invasion, they d end up being specifically the sort of worthless luggage you d trade for a box of shotgun shells or a jerry can of diesel.”.