Bouncing Back: Lessons from the Front Lines of Solar

Lesson 1: Get on board with Zoom, however dont construct your service around it.

As we round the corner to nearly three months in quarantine, CPMG is fortunate to team up from another location with those on the cutting edge of the solar industry, including installers, manufacturers, recyclers and designers. Over the recently, we had some insightful discussions with a variety of them to see how theyre faring in the days of COVID-19.

From working digitally to reassessing the consumer landscape– one thing is specific: These business are poised to bounce back from COVID-19. While obstacles certainly stay, we believe the prospects for solar are strong in Q3 and Q4.

Love it or hate it, video conferencing is here to stay. A lot of solar installers and developers are having Zoom calls with potential customers at different stages of the solar choice cycle. Carl Ramsbey, Head of Business Development at CAM Solar, puts it this method:

Talking with customers via Zoom and Skype had its knowing curve, but everybody rolled with it. Our business as an entire took our setup hiatus throughout COVID to brush up on our Zoom etiquette and client service techniques. As we work with customers via Zoom, we found constantly having a professional look and demeanor on camera to be appreciated. Similarly effective is having our video on during all calls, even if the consumer prefers not to. This “putting a face to the voice,” has definitely helped us close deals from another location.

Not everybody we polled uses Zoom to create connections with customers and customers. AJ Orben, VP of Business Operations at WeRecycle Solar, has maintained a more BC (Before COVID) communication design. He states:

Call me crazy– I like cold calls and outbound marketing. As many states remain in lockdown, conversation is a welcome reprieve. Theres been an equal balance in making and taking require my group throughout the pandemic; it offers an opportunity to develop genuine, significant connections with our customers and partners.

That being said, Zoom tiredness is a real thing. And theres still absolutely nothing like an one-on-one conference to develop relationships, states Helen Brauner of Austin-based developer 7X Energy:

While dealing with consumers from another location is effective, its valuable if Ive fulfilled them face to face a minimum of as soon as, specifically when negotiating an agreement where trust is necessary to the relationship.

Lesson 2: Power use is up throughout COVID, however so is the interest in solar + storage.

Photo courtesy LG Chem/BusinessWire

Residential installers throughout areas and markets report that as energy expenses are increasing dramatically, clients are seriously thinking about solar (and storage) during the pandemic.

Our Quarantine Reading List.

CPMG thanks all its contributors to this piece. We will continue to write short articles such as these to keep you abreast of this really dynamic situation, and we encourage you to continue and share this short article to support solar energy, any place you are!

The market is no doubt taking a struck during COVID, however were poised to recuperate stronger than ever as consumers, partners, and advocates of solar realize its value. This is a great time to reassess your marketing efforts and get your home in order. If youre interested in setting up a marketing preparation call, contact us.

Last Thoughts.

Tim Sylvia at PV Magazine reports on a study performed by LG and The Harris Poll which found that there has been a 13% increase in individuals who are now thinking about solar because the beginning of Covid-19. Even more, site traffic to LGs battery storage site often tops 100% boost year over year. These numbers are excellent, and it will be to your advantage to effectively talk to these brand-new customer priorities.

His findings reveal that residential solar sales are down 22% when compared to BC sales in February. 58% of respondents say that currently they are at or above pre-pandemic sales levels. 42% of these business are hiring for sales and working capital positions, with credit provided to the federal Payment Protection Program (PPP) to bridge the space..

Richard Klein, President of Quixotic Systems, offers an individual take. Klein runs his commercial solar business in New York City, at the heart of the coronavirus break out. Richard reports that while New Yorks resuming standards have not yet allowed installations to reboot, commercial solar task leads continue to can be found in:.

Lesson 3: This is a marathon, not a race. Finish strong.

Staying at home results in more energy usage, with higher energy expenses, especially with summertime A/C use just beginning. Additionally, uncertainty being the only thing particular, property owners wish to have the ability to gain access to additional, continuous energy they can depend on.

And, at the end of the day, the financial resources for industrial solar are actually rather good right now. Paybacks in New York for larger systems (our main market), are typically in the 3- or 4-year variety. In comparison, specifically if you have capital to invest, solar is a much better alternative.

The total belief in the market is among careful optimism for Q3 and Q4, however just if we can weather the next couple of months of the pandemics lockdown orders.

Solar business acknowledge that they have actually taken a hit throughout the pandemic, especially in terms of installations, however most are aiming to reappear in the next quarter or two, more powerful than ever. Yann Brandt, of the popular newsletter and website SolarWakeup, surveyed a plethora of installers and developers about their business operations and outlook Air Conditioner (After COVID).

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A lot of solar installers and designers are having Zoom calls with potential customers at various phases of the solar choice cycle. His findings show that property solar sales are down 22% when compared to BC sales in February. Klein runs his industrial solar organization in New York City, at the heart of the coronavirus outbreak. Richard reports that while New Yorks reopening standards have not yet allowed setups to reboot, commercial solar project leads continue to come in:.

By Zubin Segal.

The industry is no doubt taking a hit throughout COVID, but were poised to bounce back more powerful than ever as consumers, partners, and advocates of solar realize its worth.