Comment: Epic vs. Apple case reveals how hollow tvOS and watchOS App Stores are

As the Legendary court case goes on, we have actually been discovering more information about internal conversations within Apple service. With the statement of Trystan Kosmynka, among the heads of the App Shop, on Friday, we have had the ability to find more about the App Store numbers and we can say that the iPhone App Store is Apples only success, heres why.

Without participating in the subject of this court case, its interesting to read more about Apple App Stores numbers. While over 500 people examine 100,000 apps weekly, we have learned that most of the apps evaluated are iPhone apps.
Analyzing numbers from the week of November 16 of 2019, theres a huge inconsistency in iOS numbers over tvOS and macOS numbers:

58,875 iPhone apps were sent, 15,069 were new apps
681 Mac apps were submitted, 152 were brand-new apps
142 Apple TELEVISION apps were sent, 27 were new apps

Only 73 brand-new apps for watchOS were submitted today, for example, which shows that apart from the iPhone and iPad App Store, theres not much to discover on other Apple stores.
According to these numbers Apple shared in this case, in 2019, there were 10,009 tvOS apps offered and 27,240 macOS apps available in its shops, while more than one million apps were available on the iPhone/iPad App Store.
These numbers indicate at least two things: the iPhone is Apples greatest hit and developers are not going to produce apps for tvOS and watchOS.
What took place to tvOS and watchOS App Stores?

When Apple introduced the fourth-generation Apple TV and its App Store, it was a possibility for the business to promote the Apple TELEVISION as a console device-like. The problem was some constraints the business imposed for designers. Heres what Apple required from developers in 2015:

Requirements for Games That Support Game Controllers
Apple has created specific requirements you must follow for any game that supports game controllers. These requirements are created to make certain that video games are constantly playable.
Your game needs to support the Apple TELEVISION remote. Your video game might not need the use of a controller.
tvOS video games that support controllers need to support the prolonged control design. All controllers for tvOS are nonformfitting extended controllers.
Games need to be playable utilizing standalone controllers. The game should be playable solely with that controller if you support an extended controller.
You must support the time out button. All controllers include a time out button. When gameplay is active, pushing the pause button should pause gameplay. When the game is not being played, such as when you are at a menu screen, the time out button moves to a previous screen of material.

This altered a year later, however given that the Apple TELEVISION was never ever a hit, the designers probably simply didnt believe it deserved the effort creating an entire app for Apples set-top-box.

In Apple Watchs case, developers usually state the WatchKit SDK is minimal and numerous native Apple Watch apps utilize personal APIs that other apps cant access to provide the exact same experience. Throughout the years, Apple improved the experience to establish for watchOS but lots of developers who wager on the platform in the early days, never develop for the Watch again.
In 2018, for example, Instagram was one of the many apps that were taken out from the Apple Watch App Store as Apple required native apps in updates:

” Instagrams Apple Watch app was among the original social network apps to debut in the early days of watchOS (.) but the app hasnt been updated in years to make the most of present functions. The app did not work on Wi-Fi or LTE despite Apple Watch acquiring the ability to load apps without iPhone close by, and Instagram never added any messaging features despite owner Facebook offering support for Messenger on Apple Watch.
Rather, Instagram is joining the expanding graveyard of abandoned Apple Watch apps which already consists of Slack, Whole Foods, eBay, Amazon, and Google Maps. Smart thermostat maker ecobee also just recently pulled its Apple Watch app however teased out the return of a new version in a future update.”

Since 2021, Spotify is among the few apps that are back to the Watch App Store, however its still less efficient than the Apple Music Watch app.
Epic vs Apple case will follow for another 2 weeks, as we anticipate to get more information about Apples structure. Its likewise fascinating to see the companys effort in the past 3 years to make developers continue to develop apps through all its Apple Stores.
It was likewise in 2019, at WWDC, the business introduced the Catalyst task to assist designers make their iOS apps compatible with the Mac. Given that then, it Apple released more Apple Watch APIs for developers as well the ability to produce its own custom-made– although still restricted– Watch Faces.
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When Apple launched the fourth-generation Apple TELEVISION and its App Store, it was a chance for the business to promote the Apple TV as a console device-like. Heres what Apple demanded from designers in 2015:

All controllers include a time out button. The app hasnt been upgraded in years to take benefit of existing features. The app did not work on Wi-Fi or LTE in spite of Apple Watch acquiring the capability to load apps without iPhone close by, and Instagram never ever added any messaging features despite owner Facebook offering support for Messenger on Apple Watch.

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