Concept imagines a whole new approach to the iPhone notch

The very first reports recommending that the iPhone 13 would have a smaller notch than the iPhone 12 date back to January. Last month saw pictures of screen protectors based upon this expectation.

However, De Rosa imagines a more radical approach for a future iPhone, which he labels the iPhone M1.
In this style, the screen inhabits the full height of the phone on the left side, while the notch is raised above it in an asymmetrical design.
You can see more renders below, and the complete set over at De Rosas portfolio site.
I cant picture Apple ever doing it, as its a halfway reversion to the pre-iPhone X design, effectively giving half a thicker bezel at the top. I have to confess I do kind of like it …

Were anticipating a smaller iPhone notch this year, however a designer has assembled a principle with an entire brand-new method to the notch.
Instead of a center notch to accommodate things like the front-facing video camera and Face ID tech, designer Antonio De Rosa envisions lifting the front-facing tech above the screen with a funky balanced out style …

In corroboration with previous reports, the images show how the notch is getting smaller sized in width while the inset height remains about the exact same. Apple is achieving the reduction in width by raising the earpiece upwards and into the leading screen bezel. The Infrared and camera components remain in the noticeable notch region.

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