Finally, an Excuse to Get Your Nintendo Switch Out in Math Class

You heard that right– 4 years after its release, the Switch lastly has a clinical calculator app. And it looks just like the old iPhone calculator!
Published by Sabec, the “Calculator” app takes advantage of the Switchs large display and powerful processor, offering easy-to-read answers for all your hard-to-understand mathematics problems. It works in TV or handheld mode, and somehow uses up 53MB of storage (simply put, Switch Calculator is 20 times bigger than Googles Android Calculator).
Calculator (2.0) on the iPhone. Apple
The Calculator apps standout function is probably its design. Its a near-identical clone of the old iPhone calculator, from the button design to the color combination. Hey, Apple developed its calculator with inspiration from a real-world source, so whats the harm in taking inspiration from Apple?
Go ahead and download the $10 Nintendo Switch Calculator from the eShop if you want a fast throwback to the early days of iPhone. Simply guarantee me that youll livestream the gameplay or do a speedrun of some math issues.
Source: Nintendo through The Verge