Growing Greener: Bauman’s Farm & Garden

Established by Elizabeth Bauman in 1895, Baumans Farm & & Garden in Gervais has a long history of offering trees, flowers, produce, pies and more to customers throughout the Willamette Valley. “As a household service, were committed not only to our clients but to being great stewards of the Earth and community,” said Brian Bauman, co-owner and Elizabeths terrific, fantastic grand son. That commitment to sustainability has actually prompted Baumans to steadily purchase energy effectiveness for more than a decade– cutting annual natural gas usage by an estimated 55,000 therms and delivering yearly energy cost savings of around $42,200.
In 2015, when it was time to install a brand-new greenhouse, Baumans reached out to greenhouse vendor OBC Northwest, Inc. for an energy-efficient design made 100% of twin-wall polycarbonate. “Although its a large area with 2 bays and 14-foot sidewalls, the temperature level in the greenhouse stays rather consistent,” said Bauman. The greenhouses polycarbonate has a pigment that diffuses light, providing exceptional light quality for plant growth. Roofing vents in each bay permit natural ventilation. The gable design has an internal truss that can accommodate a motorized nighttime thermal curtain, which Baumans strategies to set up in the future.
Due to the fact that of twin-wall technology, the greenhouse is anticipated to conserve an estimated $10,700 in yearly natural gas expenses compared to single-wall construction. Baumans got an Energy Trust of Oregon cash reward of $2,400 to help balance out the included cost.
Baumans has received more than $80,000 in Energy Trust rewards. “We take advantage of Energy Trusts offerings every chance we get. Rest assured, well be doing more tasks in the future,” stated Bauman.
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