How to Reduce (and Disable) Background Noise in Microsoft Teams

During a Microsoft Teams conference with your coworkers, any background noise can be distracting. The Teams desktop app for Windows 10 supplies an alternative to decrease background noise and assists to keep individuals focused on their conference.
The most recent Microsoft Teams desktop app has an AI-based Noise Suppression feature that can minimize outdoor construction noise, the sound of kids playing, or ambient sounds. Lets have a look at how to lower background sound in meetings using the Teams app.
Prior to you start, ensure that youre running the newest variation of the Microsoft Teams app on your Windows 10 PC. You can download the current Teams app from Microsofts website.

How to Reduce Background Noise in Microsoft Teams
The Noise Suppression choice for lowering background sound is usable throughout calls and conferences. If you want to choose the suppression level completely, you can do that in the Teams app.
Open the Teams app and click your profile photo icon at the top of the window.

Click the “Devices” area on the left-hand side in the “Settings” window.

From the menu that opens, click the “Settings” option.

Locate the “Noise Suppression” option and click the dropdown to pick in between the four choices– Auto, High, Low, or Off.
Heres what each alternative carries out in the Teams desktop app:

From the “Device settings” menu, find the “Noise suppression” choice and utilize the dropdown to select among the settings.

If youre utilizing a premium-grade microphone, you must switch off the Noise Suppression or set it to Low.

Choosing one of these settings from your profile will use it to all your devices by default. As soon as you select a choice, press the Escape key to close the “Device settings” alternative and go back to the house screen of the Teams app.
How to Reduce Background Noise during a Meeting in Teams
Throughout calls and conferences, background noise, like turning pages or shuffling papers, can sidetrack other participants. You can prevent such awkward annoyances by suppressing the noise (or by playing soft music while socializing with your pals or team over a call).
Click the three-dot menu icon in the top-right corner of the Meeting window and select the “Device settings” option.

Vehicle: Set by default, this alternative utilizes Microsoft-claimed AI to approximate the background noise and select the proper noise-suppression level accordingly.
High: This choice consumes adequate computing resources to cancel out all background noise while youre speaking. It works with processors supporting the Advanced Vector Extensions 2 (AVX2) guidelines, which are mostly found in processors launched after 2016.
Low: This setting will cancel persistent sounds, like the ones coming from fans, the Air Conditioner, or computer system fans. You can play music in calls and meetings.
Off: As the name recommends, it changes off the Noise Suppression alternative, and your computer systems mic will transmit all sounds around you.

And thats it. Decreasing background noise can make your meetings and calls go efficiently without causing any disruption.
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Pick the “Settings” alternative from the menu.

You can push the Esc secret to close the “Device settings” menu and return to the Meeting window.
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How to Disable Background Noise-Canceling in Teams
If the sound suppression feature is allowed, high-fidelity and unidirectional microphones can be fantastic for calls but can provide you problems with audio. To avoid that, you can disable the background noise-canceling function in the Teams app on your PC.
Release the Microsoft Teams app and click your profile icon in the upper-right corner.

On the left-hand side, click the “Devices” area, and then locate the “Noise Suppression” dropdown to choose the Off alternative.