Internet Connection Not Working? 10 Troubleshooting Tips

Occasionally, core services connected with networking stop working. This does not necessarily imply that theres a “problem” with your device that requires more attention, but a reboot must resolve the concern.
Ensure That Network Hardware Is Working.
In some cases modems and routers are turned off by accident. If you cant find a cordless network to connect to, theres a likelihood that this has actually taken place to your router. If you have an external modem, make sure to check that, too.
You ought to also check that any network connections you count on are firmly seated in your router or modem. Do not hesitate to remove any cables and then reseat them in the slots where you discovered them. If you have a DSL connection that relies on a phone socket, make certain that it hasnt been knocked out or broken by mistake.
Reboot Your Router.
Network hardware can and does crash from time to time. This is especially common if the switch, modem, or router fumes and isnt effectively ventilated. One solution is to appropriately power-cycle the hardware: Switch any network devices off, wait 30 seconds, and then turn it on once again.
While 30 seconds is overkill, it will guarantee that the device completely starts and discharges up again “from cold.” The majority of routers take around 30 seconds to a minute to restart to a functional state, so make certain that you wait long enough prior to throwing in the towel and trying something else.
Check the Connection Status on Your Router/Modem.
This may not be possible in all scenarios, however if you understand the login qualifications for your network hardware (and how to access the control board), you can see precisely whats going on behind the scenes. It also just works if you can connect locally to your network hardware (cordless or wired). If youre unsure what youre doing here, proceed to the next action.
When it comes to the majority of network hardware, there will be a sticker label on the side of the router showing the address to visit (frequently or You can also use a service like to discover your network hardware and go from there.

You will require the password to your cordless network to establish the connection once again, so be sure to have that handy very first.
Utilizing Ethernet? Inspect Your Cables.
If youre using a wired connection, make certain that the Ethernet cable is seated properly. You can try eliminating the cable television and reconnecting it to be sure. Attempt a replacement and see whether that fixes your concern if you discover that the cable is damaged in some method.
Try Restarting the Problem Device.
If in doubt, turn it on and off again. By rebooting the problem computer system or mobile phone, youre eliminating software issues brought on by the os. You may even fix the problem completely.

If youre linked through Wi-Fi but the internet still isnt working, this points to a problem with your online connection. If you cant discover your cordless network, this indicate an issue with your network hardware.
Reset Your Wireless Connection.
Periodically, some devices seem to “forget” that they are suggested to be linked through Wi-Fi. Using your cordless settings to establish the connection again may be all that it requires to get your local connection working again.
Your devices will remember login qualifications and other info about your regional connection. Your computer system or mobile phone might be attempting to link with the incorrect information if this changes. You can try to “forget” the wireless network utilizing your gadgets cordless settings and reconnecting again.

Youll be able to navigate your way to some sort of status as soon as youve logged in with your admin username and password. You might need to get in an “Advanced” mode to see more info about any mistakes that the router has encountered. Considering that all network hardware is various, we cant assist you here.
Make a note of any mistakes or mistake codes that you see if you occur to find some details about your network status. If there is certainly an issue with your connection, you can price estimate these codes and errors when you call your company later on.
If your hardware reports that there is absolutely nothing incorrect with the broader connection, you can be relatively positive that the problem is something to do with your local device.
Attempt Another Device to Isolate the Issue.
Separating a problem to a specific device like a computer or smart device can be tricky, however if youre not having any luck with the services weve already recommended, think about attempting another device on the same network, ideally utilizing the same kind of network connection (cordless or wired).
Remember: If you attempt another gadget and get comparable results, its most likely that your internet connection is to blame. At this stage, its an excellent concept to call your service provider and report a fault.
Know that some mobile phones change to cellular data when no regional network connection is found (although they should tell you about it), so you might desire to turn off cellular information temporarily if youre testing this on a smart device.

To eliminate an issue with your DNS settings, find out how to alter DNS on any device to servers offered by Google ( or Cloudflare (, and test for the issue again. You should reboot your device after changing your DNS settings to guarantee that they take result.
If this resolves your concern, then you may simply want to leave things as they are, since your service providers DNS servers are probably slower anyhow.
Try Disabling Any Firewalls You Have Running.
Firewall softwares stop web traffic from interacting on specific “ports” and might take the form of software (operating on your computer) or hardware (like a router). Windows and macOS both have built-in firewall programs that can trigger all sorts of problems. If you are having issues with the web, attempt disabling them.

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When your internet is not working, its helpful to have a list of things to try. In some cases you can fix the issue yourself, while other times, its triggered by a problem with your service provider. Heres how to select and fix the problem.
Inspect Whether Your Connection Is Down.
In some cases the problem isnt your web connection at all. It might just be a problem with that web page if youre trying to access a website that merely wont work. You can try performing a search or inspecting social media to see whether those services are working, or you can query the site in concern with a service like

You must also check that any network connections you rely on are firmly seated in your router or modem.

If other devices on your network are working, consider that there may be issues with your software application, network, or hardware settings causing the problem. Thankfully, there are a couple of other things that you can attempt.

If the idea of costs time on the phone with your provider sends out shivers down your spinal column, think about switching to a better service provider. Our favored method to choose a service provider is by looking for the fastest ISP in your area.

The Windows firewall software is turned on by default, but you can turn it off with a couple of clicks. The macOS firewall program is disabled by default, and it too can be easily handicapped so that you can check your connection.
There are other firewall softwares, like those consisted of with security software and anti-malware scanners. Ensure that any additional firewall programs are disabled.
Try Running a Malware Scan.
Malware may likewise cause issues with your internet connection, so its worth running a malware scan with something like Malwarebytes ( Windows and Mac) or Microsofts own Windows Defender Antivirus.
Finally: Contact Your Service Provider.
Its time to report a fault and let your service provider deal with it if the issue is with your connection and youve attempted whatever noted to no obtain. Your supplier will likely attempt to run you through some of the things weve currently tried, so ensure that you let them understand what youve done so far.
If you have any error codes or messages from your routers backend, estimating them here could conserve you some time.

Sometimes the problem isnt your web connection at all. If youre still getting nothing, inspect the local connection between your device and your network hardware. Your devices will remember login credentials and other info about your local connection. You can attempt to “forget” the cordless network utilizing your devices wireless settings and reconnecting once again.

Attempt Changing Your DNS Servers.
DNS means “domain system,” and its basically the phone book that your computer utilizes to associate IP addresses (e.g. with domain (like

Test Your Local Connection.
If youre still getting nothing, examine the local connection in between your device and your network hardware. A glance at the system tray on Windows or at the menu bar on a Mac will show whether you are connected by means of a wired or a cordless connection. On a smartphone, try to find the Wi-Fi symbol or head to your device settings and attempt to connect from there.