‘iPhone 13’ said to be minutely thicker overall, with noticeably larger camera bump

New innovations utilized in the “iPhone 13” lineup might lead to a slightly thicker enclosusre, along with a redesigned and visibly larger cam bump.The “iPhone 13” lineup is expected to introduce in late 2021 with a few little modifications to the overall style. The “iPhone 13” will have a 2.51 mm camera bump, up from 1.5 mm to 1.7 mm on the iPhone 12.
Renders shared by MacRumors showcasing the electronic camera bump thickness
The measurements given for the “iPhone 13 Pro” will be around 36 mm by 37 mm, similar in size to the iPhone 12 Pro Max. That suggests that the pro iPhone designs might have similar cam capabilities in the next generation.Leaks of this nature typically source from device makers who get Apples iPhone measurements early in order to design cases. Because the source of the schematics and dummy design are unknown, it is tough to determine the accuracy of the leaks.Expect the “iPhone 13” lineup to be announced at an Apple event in September.