New analysis shows California is home to the most zero-emission truck, bus companies in the nation

Existing businesses in the transport market are adapting their offerings to provide MHD ZEV items, and there are a substantial number of brand-new market entrants.California leads the nation with at least 128 companies in 181 locations included in the MHD ZEV supply chain; 86 of these business are headquartered in the state, with over 44,000 total workers. Brand-new analysis reveals California is house to the most zero-emission truck, bus business in the country Click To TweetWhile these California findings are excellent, they are simply a snapshot of a much larger, national picture of a blossoming market thats fueling jobs and financial investments across the U.S. EDF analysis of the entire U.S. MHD ZEV supply chain shows that as of September 2021, there were 375 business with about 1,000 areas throughout the country involved in the MHD ZEV supply chain. Michigan and Texas are either exceeding or closely routing California in some metrics.In all, this analysis reveals how the business climate for MHD ZEV development has actually currently begun to ripen, and that policy makers must see MHD ZEV helpful policies as a win for American resourcefulness and prosperity.