Off-Grid Solar Power System: Lithium Battery Installation using FLY POWER 100-ah 12-Volt batteries.

< map wp-tag-video js youtube=""/ wp-end-tag > In this video, I will show how I moved from wet lead-acid batteries to FLY POWER 100-ah 12-Volt Lithium batteries for my new solar batteries in my off-grid solar power system.
This is an updated solar style that must use more power for my solar power requirements. In my off-grid solar energy setup system I will be keeping my lead-acid batteries in place as a back-up in the meantime.
These are economical, deep-cycle Lithium batteries for diy off-grid solar power systems. These batteries are ending up being more inexpensive as time goes on, and by purchasing these batteries one at a time for my off-grid solar energy system, I can establish my Lithium battery power at a practical cost. Use this link below for go to Amazon for the FLY POWER 100-ah 12-Volt Lithium batteries:
Will Prowse has really previously discussed these batteries, that I must tear them apart and see what is inside. I did not tear them apart, as he recommended, due to the reality that Shoestring can not spend for that.

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