Overwhelming public support paves way for stronger oil and gas pollution rules in New Mexico

What was striking over the 10 long days of testament is simply how broad and deep the assistance for a suite of better rules is throughout the state.While the board should still deliberate and finalize the guidelines (anticipated to take place early this coming spring) it is obvious after the hearing that there is a clear, well-supported course to completing guidelines that safeguard the air and health of New Mexicans and that fulfill Gov. Lujan Grishams goal of setting nationally leading requirements to minimize harmful pollution from the oil and gas industry.A diverse coalitionThese guidelines are designed to decrease the hazardous ozone pollution that develops unhealthy air quality in New Mexicos major oil- and gas-producing counties. In the final tally, remarks in assistance of strong rules far outweighed the opposition with 89 of the 125 commentors supporting strong requirements.And helpful commenters included a diversity of viewpoints from public health supporters and members of frontline communities calling on the board to decrease contamination to protect their health, to members of the methane mitigation and outdoor recreation industries highlighting the chance for New Mexico task development through strong rules.Written remarks submitted with the board also ran the gamut from investors calling for strong rules to fulfill the environment crisis head on, to faith leaders from across New Mexico. The variety of support amassed for the suite of improved guidelines from environmental and neighborhood groups, as well as state and federal firms, and the oil and gas industry indicates the strong potential for these enhancements to be incorporated into the final rules this spring.Meanwhile, a few extra improvements likewise got strong support at the hearing and must be thought about as the EIB settles their guidelines.