Prevent downloaded music from taking up too much storage on iPhone

And with Apple getting slightly more generous with iPhone storage over the last few years, its now possible to bring countless tracks in your pocket without having to fret excessive about storage area.
If youve been downloading music for some time, youll likely begin to notice that it ends up monopolizing more storage than is ideal. And opportunities are you no longer listen to a lot of the tracks youve conserved.

If you like to store music locally on your iPhone so that you dont need a data connection to listen to your preferred tracks while youre on the go, you might find that, over time, your music uses up excessive area.
You can avoid that from taking place by enhancing music storage on your device so that tunes you do not listen to anymore are instantly deleted to include other material. Well show you how.

Dont let songs take up all your space. Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Downloading music to your iPhone is a fantastic way to make sure that you constantly have something to listen to– even when youre attempting to conserve your information allowance or youre in a location with bad connectivity.

Instead of having to trawl through youre whole music and by hand delete those tracks, you can have iPhone do it for you automatically. Heres how to optimize your music storage in iOS.
How to optimize music storage on iPhone
Follow these actions:

Open the Settings app, then tap Music.
Tap Optimize Storage.
Tap the toggle to allow the Optimize Storage feature.

Set a minimum storage limitation to avoid a lot of tracks being deleted.Screenshots: Cult of Mac
Your iPhone will now begin automatically removing tracks that you have not listened to in a while when it begins to get low on storage area. Nothing will be erased while you have adequate storage offered.
To avoid your device from erasing a lot of tracks, you can define a minimum storage quantity for music. This will ensure that a certain number of tracks– up to 12,800– are constantly saved in your area.

There are 5 options readily available: 8GB, 64GB, 16gb, and 32gb. If you desire to use this function, you can pick one of them after enabling Optimize Storage. If you require it, the exact same setting is also readily available on iPad.

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