Renewable Power Perspectives Q&A with Kevin Butler, Founder & CEO of Sole Trader Renewable Energy

By Constance ThompsonAugust 30, 2021

The American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) is delighted to share the second installment in our “Accelerating Renewables” blog series.
Each installation will include market leaders and subjects connected to speeding up an equitable and just transition to a renewable energy economy.
In recognition of National Black Business Month, our August functions highlight how three Black-owned Accelerate member companies are flourishing in the renewable resource sector.
Kevin Butler, PMP, PE, is the Chief Executive Officer of Sole Trader Renewable Energy LLC, a minority- and veteran-owned renewable resource business based in Memphis, Tennessee. Sole Trader assists utilities, co-ops and federal governments integrate renewables into their energy portfolios
What inspired you to start your company?
A drive to bring ingenious technologies and advanced structure strategies to the renewable resource market. I wish to minimize the amount of green area utilized to support the development of renewable resource worldwide and help bring our industry into the future. I established this business after working for a number of big energies and realizing that the old design will not get us to where we need to be as a country. We require vibrant, unencumbered idea that welcomes the possibility of where we can go. Albert Einstein stated, “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” This is the genesis of Sole Trader.
How are you making an impact through your business?
We are altering the method federal governments, co-ops and utilities think of powering the future of this fantastic nation. We purchase finding and making use of proven, emerging innovations from around the globe that can be used to power today and the future. Sole Trader gives our customers access to tidy energy, and we are inspiring the next generation with our ability to shape the nation each and every day.
Inform us about your company?
Sole Trader is a diverse, professional, leading-edge renewable energy company with 200+ integrated years of experience covering power generation, building and construction, operations and maintenance. Our team of energy professionals helps us minimize construction expenses and timelines for our customers. We can likewise offer consulting and tactical preparation services, site identification and preparation, building and construction, operations and upkeep, equipment recycling, cybersecurity, website startup or shutdown, therefore far more.
Exists anything else you would like to show ACORE members and partners?
There is no difficulty too big or small for us. We embrace chances to bring our customers into the future, utilizing our comprehensive lessons discovered and our tested brand-new innovations. We can assist our clients think in a different way about their community and the world. We like to state, “We give you more power over your power.” And our company believe energy self-reliance is the essential to green growth.
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A drive to bring innovative technologies and advanced structure methods to the sustainable energy market. I desire to decrease the amount of green area utilized to support the development of renewable energy around the world and aid bring our market into the future. Sole Trader offers our clients access to clean energy, and we are motivating the next generation with our capability to form the country each and every day.
Sole Trader is a varied, expert, leading-edge renewable energy business with 200+ integrated years of experience covering power generation, building, operations and upkeep. And we think energy independence is the crucial to green development.