The 10 Best Monitor Riser Stands

Finest Adjustable: Amazon Basics Adjustable Monitor Riser Stand
Amazon Basics
If you want to be able to adjust your screen riser stand to get just the best height, this one from Amazon Basics is the one for you. A few of the sample heights on Amazon are 2.87 inches, 4.25 inches, and 4.9 inches.
Its only about 16 inches long, so itll fit a little keyboard or some papers beneath it but not much more. It has non-skid feet on the bottom to help keep it in location and it can hold up to 22 pounds.
In general, this is a great choice if youre uncertain how high you desire your monitor stand to be or you want the capability to change the height periodically.

Finest Budget: HUANUO Monitor Riser Stand
If you want a screen stand that will raise your screen and decrease neck and eye strain, but you dont desire to invest a lot, this one from HUANUO has you covered. Its a more inexpensive screen riser stand thats tough enough to hold up to 22 pounds without costing you an arm and a leg.
At just 14.5 inches long and 3.8 inches high, you wont have the ability to fit a lot underneath it, but you must be able to fit a little keyboard with no issue. The primary objective here is to conveniently fit a screen on the top and you can certainly do that with this choice from HUANUO.

Simple Houseware/Office Oasis/Homerays
You need a screen riser stand if you have a desktop computer system. Not just will it offer you additional space on your desk, however a display stand will likewise assist reduce neck stress due to the fact that the screen will be at a more ergonomic viewing height. Who does not wish to be more comfortable at their desk for long hours?

Size: This is the most crucial thing to bear in mind of before making your decision. Make certain you measure your desk location and compare those measurements to the monitor stand youre looking at. If you want them to, make sure itll fit on your desk and make sure your keyboard and mouse will fit underneath it.
Height: Also think about how tall you want the display stand to be. The number of inches off your desk do you want your screen to sit? Do you want it to be adjustable for different heights to discover the best height for you?
Storage Space: Think about just how much storage space you want below your monitor riser. Do you wish to have the ability to fit your keyboard and mouse underneath? Do you desire extra drawers and side compartments for pens and other office devices?
Style: Consider how well your display stand will choose your current desk setup. Maybe you should buy a wooden screen stand to match if you have a wood desk. Or if you have a streamlined glass desk, maybe a metal or glass display stand would work much better for you. With screen stands, there are a great deal of various styles to pick from, so youll absolutely discover one that matches your design and personality.
Ports: Do you wish to be able to plug things into your display stand, like your mouse, keyboard, or phone? There are some monitor stands that featured built-in USB hubs. Simply consider whether you want to have the ability to utilize USB gadgets through your monitor stand.

Best Overall: Simple Houseware Metal Monitor Riser Stand
Simple Houseware
This display riser stand from Simple Houseware is going to be the very best for many people. It has plenty of storage beneath and on the sides for pens, documents, and any other workplace accessories you need simple access to.
Its made from metal with a smooth black covering, so its pretty durable and will stand the test of time. Its about 20.25 ″ long, so itll fit a smaller sized keyboard and mouse underneath and keep your desk location clean.

What to Look for in a Monitor Riser Stand
There are lots of screen riser sticks out there. But how do you discover the one thats right for you? When choosing your monitor riser stand, here are a few essential things to think about.

Best Budget

HUANUO Monitor Riser Stand

Best for Dual Monitors: Office Oasis Dual Monitor Stand
The Office Oasis
This lengthy screen riser stand from The Office Oasis is a fantastic option if you have two displays. It can support approximately 100 pounds, so theres a lot of support for 2 monitors and even one display and a printer or other devices.
It has a strong bamboo surface area and stainless steel legs that will help keep everything strong gradually. Plus, there are non-slip rubber feet to keep your screens protect.
Whats actually great about this monitor stand is the storage space beneath. You can quickly fit a complete size keyboard, a mouse, and perhaps even some extra storage containers below. Youll have roughly 38 inches of storage area underneath.

Finest Premium: Vaydeer Wireless Charging Monitor Riser Stand
If you have some money to invest on a screen stand, this alternative from Vaydeer offers you a great deal of cool perks in addition to raising your monitor. You can wirelessly charge your phone on top of the screen stand and have easy access to four USB 3.0 ports on top of your desk.
The charging pad will work with all wireless charging enabled phones, but if you have a MagSafe case or anything else in the way of the cordless charging spot, you may require to remove it prior to charging your phone.
On top of having the ability to support wireless charging and USB connections, Vaydeers display stand is likewise very durable; it can support as much as 66 pounds.

Finest Wooden: Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand
Look no further than this bamboo stand from Homerays if youre looking for a terrific wooden monitor stand to fit your aesthetic. Its made of 100% solid bamboo products and made by expert artisans. Plus, it can support a whopping 100 pounds if you have an actually heavy screen.
Theres one drawer in the middle for more personal storage and two extra storage compartments to the sides. Then, youll likewise be able to press a little keyboard and mouse below the stand.

Finest Compact: Twelve South Curve Monitor Riser Stand
Twelve South
If you want a compact choice that will lift your display and not use up a great deal of space on your desk, go for this display stand from Twelve South. It has a streamlined style that enables ventilation and a tiny bit of storage. Generally, it just looks cool on your desk and lifts your screen to a simple viewing height.
Make certain you measure your monitor base to see if itll fit on this stand. Twelve South states this stand will fit monitor bases approximately 10 inches large and 9.5 inches deep.

Finest Wooden

If you desire a display stand that will raise your computer and minimize neck and eye pressure, however you dont want to spend a lot, this one from HUANUO has you covered.

Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand

Best for Extra Storage: Marbrasse Monitor Riser Stand
Purchase this one from Marbrasse if the thing you want most out of a monitor riser stand is extra storage. There are 2 drawers to save your pens, sticky notes, and other workplace devices in. And its a mesh design so you can quickly see whats in the drawers at any time.
Plus, its sturdily built and has a durable black covering on it that will not fade for a while. It can hold up to 33 pounds and it has non-skid feet to keep whatever steady.

If youre searching for a great wooden display stand to fit your visual, look no more than this bamboo stand from Homerays.

The Majority Of Versatile for Dual Monitors: AMERIERGO Dual Monitor Stand Riser
If you desire a bit more flexibility, this screen riser stand from AMERIERGO is another excellent option for a double screen setup. There are three pieces to this stand in total; you can adjust the two pieces on completions up until you get the best angle.
Theres storage underneath all three pieces, though you probably will not have the ability to fit your keyboard and mouse underneath. On top of the two end pieces, theres a slot style that can prop up your tablet or mobile phone for simple watching or hold pens so you do not lose them.

Best Glass: Eutuxia Tempered Glass Monitor Stand
This glass screen stand from Eutuxia is ideal for you if your visual is a bit more streamlined and modern-day. Its made from durable tempered glass and can hold about 40 pounds, which is plenty for one monitor. The stand is also quite long and could fit two small monitors or a display and a laptop if you want an extra display.
Due to the fact that its so long and has open storage below, you might easily fit a full keyboard or a smaller keyboard and a mouse.

Many Versatile for Dual Monitors

Ports: Do you desire to be able to plug things into your screen stand, like your mouse, keyboard, or phone? If you want a compact alternative that will lift your screen and not take up a lot of area on your desk, go for this display stand from Twelve South. If youre looking for a fantastic wooden monitor stand to fit your visual, look no even more than this bamboo stand from Homerays. The stand is likewise pretty long and might fit two small screens or a monitor and a laptop computer if you desire an additional display.
If the thing you want most out of a monitor riser stand is additional storage, purchase this one from Marbrasse.