The 4 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $50 in 2021

Best Overall

Audio Quality: While you may not expect great audio quality from earbuds so economical, the ones on this list all provide pretty solid audio. They will not be as excellent as the best of the best, however theyre absolutely functional, and some really impress for the cost.
Style: Whether youre cooling in the house or out running errands, you desire your earbuds to be comfy and fit securely. Every ear is various obviously, so whats best for a single person might be horrible for another, but makers can take extra actions to make the styles better for everybody (like ergonomic shaping and quality ear pointers).
Waterproofing: Portability is among the very best parts of true wireless earbuds, so theres a likelihood theyre going to get a little damp in your journeys. All of the earbuds on this list use some security against liquids, but you can constantly count on the IP ranking for more specifics (which well point out in each section). Exercising is a concern for a great deal of individuals, as vulnerable devices can be damaged from your sweat. We can safely say all the earbuds on this list are outfitted to handle sweat, so that wont be an issue.
True cordless earbuds are distinct as the majority of use their travel case for charging. Well point out both for every set on this list, along with whether or not they include quick or cordless charging.
Additional Features: While listening to music might be your primary concern, that doesnt mean manufacturers cant include a couple of additional functions to sweeten the offer. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), is a big one for obstructing out the world around you, as is openness mode which does the opposite (it blends your environments and music so you can hear both plainly). These additional features become more typical as you climb up the price ladder, but many of the sets on this list still manage to sneak them in.

What to Look for in True Wireless Earbuds
While you may not be investing much, that does not suggest you need to throw your standards out the window. You can still anticipate a certain level of quality, even at this rate point.

A feature-packed pair of earbuds for a sensible price.

Best for the Gym: ENACFIRE A9
Having earbuds that are water resistant and sound blocking are extremely essential when it comes to the fitness center. The ENACFIRE A9s does both of these with a score of IPX7 and ANC, but it likewise consists of a transparency mode so when you require to hear your environments, its only a tap away. While it lacks any wireless or fast charging, the battery life is still exceptional with the earbuds rated for 5 hours, and the case providing 32 hours of overall playtime. They also include three sets of ear suggestions: small, medium, and big. All of this comes together to create an incredible pair of earbuds for your next workout.

EarFun Air

Real cordless earbuds are fantastic gadgets to have on hand– in the world of audio, their mobility and convenience cant be beaten. However while the prominent brand names have some big rate tags connected, there are plenty of business out there making more affordable options. Lets see what you can get in 2021 for under $50.

Finest Overall: EarFun Air
EarFun managed to jam a lot into the Air earbuds, from their smooth, modern-day design to solid audio quality. Theyre ranked IPX7 and have a lasting battery (5-7 hours in each earbud with around 30 in the case). The Air even features quick and cordless charging to sweeten the deal even more– you can get 2 hours of playtime from just 10 minutes of wired charging (wireless is slower).
While its missing out on any type of noise-canceling or transparency mode, the audio still holds up by itself. You also get four sets of ear suggestions consisted of with your purchase– extra-small, small, medium, and big. On the whole, these earbuds deliver great worth, and its hard to discover something to grumble about for the money.
These featured-packed buds are also readily available in white and black.

Best for the Gym

If youre exercising in a gym a lot, these are the earbuds you desire to purchase.

Bang for the Buck: Skullcandy Dime
Eric Schoon

These economical earbuds are ranked IPX4, last for 12 hours in overall (3.5 hours for the buds, 8.5 in the case), and include a compact style with the least expensive cost on this list. These are light on features lacking quickly charging, cordless charging, sound cancellation, and transparency mode, but they do the essentials so well it makes up for it.
The Skullcandy Dime also come with three pairs of interchangeable ear pointers: little, medium, and big.


Bang for the Buck

Lasting: Tribit Flybuds 3
Do you desire to never ever stress about your earbuds randomly passing away on you once again? Not just do these sound fantastic, have an IPX8 rating, and feature an unique, highly adjustable style with six sets of ear tips in the box (with different sizes and shapes), however the battery life is rather remarkable. Of course, without cordless or fast charging, in fact juicing up the case might take a while.
The only significant disadvantage to these is the absence of any noise-canceling or transparency mode. For the price, the Flybuds 3 already offer some remarkable functions so the lack of those is understandable.


Real cordless earbuds are fantastic devices to have on hand– in the world of audio, their portability and benefit cant be beaten. True wireless earbuds are unique as the majority of utilize their travel case for charging. Theyre ranked IPX7 and have a lasting battery (5-7 hours in each earbud with around 30 in the case). While it does not have any quick or cordless charging, the battery life is still admirable with the earbuds ranked for 5 hours, and the case supplying 32 hours of total playtime. These inexpensive earbuds are ranked IPX4, last for 12 hours in overall (3.5 hours for the buds, 8.5 in the case), and include a compact design with the lowest rate on this list.

Theyll provide transparency mode, active noise cancellation, and wireless charging for just $60. Thats a bit over the budget plan were going over here, however they also use all the top-end features anybody could desire for so little cash.