TikTok for iOS adds new Green Screen Duet feature — here’s how to use it

TikTok announced today that its integrating two of its most popular functions for a much better immersive view experience with Green Screen Duet.

Were integrating the best of both worlds with the release of Green Screen Duet, a mashup of two TikTok favorites created to inspire creative brand-new formats for creativity and expression.

Now, when the user is on the Duets layout, theyll see the “Left & & Right,” “React,” and “Top & & Bottom” as normal. “Green Screen Duet” is the most recent layout addition, offering users a new way to team up with existing content from throughout TikTok.
With this function, users will be able to use another video from TikTok as the background in a new video. “As with all Duets, the creator of the Duetted video is credited in the new videos caption with a link that directs to the original,” explains TikTok.

To utilize this function:

First, Duet the video you like to utilize as Green Screen background;
Select Green Screen from the Duet design alternatives
The Duetted video will play in the background of your new video as you tape it

” Green Screen Duet broadens on both our innovative effects and cooperation tools, bringing brand-new material formats and broadened imagination to our neighborhood on TikTok.”

As this feature is presenting to users around the globe, well have to see and wait how long it will consider Instagram to copy this function. Most just recently, Instagram copied TikToks Remix function for Reels.
If you want to discover more about the Green Screen Duet function, heres an example of this new function in practice:

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