Update your Brydge keyboard for multitouch support on iPad

Brydge recently presented a huge update for select iPad keyboards that finally brings multitouch gesture assistance and some significant enhancements. Heres how you can update yours to make the most of the modifications.

Keep your Brydge as much as date to get the very best functions. Image: Brydge/Cult of Mac

With correct multitouch support, Brydge keyboards for iPad (those with integrated trackpads, at least) use precisely the exact same gestures as Apples own Magic Keyboard. They make it a lot easier to browse iPadOS.
Big enhancements for Brydge
A few of the gestures you can utilize consist of:

Open the App Switcher: Swipe up with 3 fingers.
Change between open apps: Swipe left or right with 3 fingers.
Zoom in and out: Pinch with two fingers.
Open Control Center: Swipe to the top-right corner of the screen with one finger.
Open Search: Swipe down with two fingers on the Home screen.

In addition, the firmware upgrade brings smoother tip movement, better battery life, and improvements to Bluetooth connectivity. Prior to you install it, you need to be running iPadOS 14.5 or later on.
How to update your Brydge keyboard for iPad
To update your Brydge keyboard, all you require is your iPad and your keyboard itself. Start by downloading the Brydge Connect app from the App Store, then follow these steps:

Utilize the Brydge Connect app to set up firmware updates.Screenshot: Cult of Mac

Guarantee your Brydge keyboard is connected to your iPad over Bluetooth.
Open the Brydge Connect app and tap Update Now.
Connect your Brydge keyboard to power. If it was currently charging, unplug the charging cable television, then plug it back in.
Tap the Start Update button in Brydge Connect.
Wait on the upgrade to install.
Open the Settings app on your iPad, then tap Bluetooth. Discover your Brydge keyboard, tap the i button next to its name, then tap Forget This Device.
Go back to the Settings menu and tap Accessibility. Tap Touch, then ensure AssistiveTouch is handicapped.
Return to the Bluetooth menu and re-pair your Brydge keyboard.

Your keyboard is now all set to utilize. You must right away see that moving the mouse pointer is a lot smoother, and you can play around with the multitouch gestures listed above to get utilized to them.
Its a great idea to keep the Brydge Connect app set up after upgrading. Youll need it to install any future updates and enhancements.

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