Watch Energy Trust summits with residential, business customers

This feedback will notify the advancement of Energy Trusts next Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Operations Plan and its 2022 budget, which outlines activities to serve customers and neighborhoods for the year.
If you missed out on the tops, we still desire to speak with you. Take this brief survey to share the difficulties facing you and your community how Energy Trust could help you save energy in the house.

At the organization owners summit in July, guests worried the importance of supporting minority- and women-owned professionals to complete more energy jobs and supporting training and opportunities for diverse trade experts.
They urged Energy Trust to take a look at and enhance its interaction and outreach methods to neighborhoods of color. Recommendations included streamlining technical language and offering materials and outreach assistance in more languages.

Engaging clients of color, customers with lower incomes and rural consumers is a core focus of Energy Trusts 2020-2024 Strategic Plan– and an area for development and opportunity.
As part of that work, the company held a series of summits this summer to hear straight from neighborhood leaders, tribal members, specialists, entrepreneur and citizens about their experiences and obstacles.
At a property top in June, the most immediate issue revealed was the absence of budget friendly housing. Attendees explained barriers to involvement such as the lack of budget-friendly options for clients with low earnings and lack of programs created around the requirements of neighborhoods.
Guests recommended Energy Trust to listen to communities for guidance, build trust with neighborhoods, understand unique neighborhood requirements and change service delivery models to satisfy those needs.