‘XcodeGhost’ Malware Attack in 2015 Impacted 128 Million iOS Users, According to Trial Documents

Back in 2015, a malware-infected variation of Xcode started distributing in China, and malware-ridden “XcodeGhost” apps made their method into Apples App Store and past the App Store review group.
There were more than 50 known contaminated iOS apps at the time, including major apps like WeChat, NetEase, and Didi Taxi, with approximately 500 million iOS users potentially affected. Its been a long time because the XcodeGhost attack, but Apples trial with Epic is appearing brand-new details.
Trial files highlighted by Motherboard show that a total of 128 million users downloaded apps with the XcodeGhost malware, including 18 million users in the United States.
XcodeGhost was among the greatest attacks against iPhone users to date due to the variety of iPhone users that were affected. The 128 million affected users got malware from downloads of more than 2,500 affected apps.
Based upon emails shared in the trial, Apple worked to figure out the impact of the attack and how to finest alert those who downloaded infected apps. “Due to the a great deal of clients possibly impacted, do we want to send an e-mail to all of them?” Apples App Store vice president Matt Fischer asked.
Apple did eventually inform users that downloaded XcodeGhost apps, and also published a list of the top 25 most popular apps that were compromised. Apple eliminated all of the infected apps from the App Store, and offered details to designers to help them verify Xcode moving forward.
XcodeGhost was an extensive attack, but it was not effective or dangerous. At the time, Apple stated that it had no details to suggest that the malware was ever used for any malicious function nor that sensitive individual data was stolen, but it did gather app package identifiers, network information, and gadget names and types.

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