A Bird’s Eye View: 10 Ways You Can Help All Birds

Its April and you understand what that implies– were commemorating the most stunning planet in the galaxy. This year, were setting our sights on the precious flying creatures that play a major role in our community and environment, aid with cross-pollination, secure our drinking water and are just downright enjoyable to enjoy– youve thought it– birds.The “Year of the Birds,” will be the style at Green Mountain Energy Earth Day at Discovery Green this year. The totally free, five-hour event will include a farmers market, educational discussions, kids activities, academic cubicles, demonstrations, recycling, live entertainment, and naturally, a Birds of Prey exhibition.Its been approximated that more than 1,200 bird species will be extinct over the next century. We can make a distinction by helping secure birds, especially migratory ones, that are experiencing a quick decrease due to the effect of climate change, loss of habitat, pollution and hunting.For those who arent close adequate to join us at Discovery Green in Houston, weve got suggestions to assist protect birds and commemorate Earth Day from wherever you are. Birds add to our environment through pollination, insect control, seed dispersal and recycling nutrients back into the earth. When we help birds, its like assisting ourselves. By merely prepping your lawn for migratory and regional birds during the “Year of the Birds,” youll be making a distinction for them all. You can take your efforts to assist birds and the planet even further this Earth Day with a 100% tidy energy plan. Sign up today!Posted March 15, 2022Written by Lunzeta Brackens Category: Blog, Green Living & & More