Add Dropdown Menus Into Sentences In Google Docs

Applications for Education.
As I pointed out in the video above, including dropdown menus into Google Documents might be an excellent way to produce Mad Libs-style writing activities for your trainees or to produce activities in which students practice identifying past, present, and future tenses of words.

A number of weeks ago I shared some info about the new task preparing design templates in Google Docs that consist of dropdown menus. Today, I d like to share how you can likewise place dropdown menus into any part of a Google Document without utilizing a template. It is possible to include a dropdown menu into any sentence in a Google Document. To do that simply write a sentence as you typically would till you get to the location where you want to insert a dropdown menu. You will then desire to utilize the Insert menu in Google Docs to select “dropdown.” Once youve chosen “dropdown” you can tailor the alternatives that appear in the menu that you insert into your document. Enjoy my brand-new video to learn how to include dropdown menus into Google Documents..