AirTag Owners Bemoan Inability to Let Others Track Their Items Via Family Sharing

I received my very first 2 AirTags today. I was disappointed to see I could not share them with my better half. It is very disappointing that there is not presently an alternative to share AirTags with family members. Thats as far as the Family Sharing functionality goes. AirTags are only implied to be owned by one individual, and its not currently possible to share an AirTags location with another family member using another Apple ID.

Apples new AirTag item trackers have actually been making their way into the hands of clients because Friday, and while the company has actually tried to describe the ways that they can be used to find lost items, many users are disappointed and still surprised to discover that the place of an AirTag cant be shared with other relative.
On the face of it, sharing the location of an AirTag through Apples Family Sharing feature must be a no-brainer, considering that specific members in a Family Sharing group can use the Find My app to see the place of other member of the family Apple gadgets, consisting of iPhones, iPads, Macs, AirPods, and Apple Watches.
Provided those Family Sharing opportunities, numerous users have understandably assumed that an AirTag attached to an item thats regularly used by more than a single person in the family (a set of keys, for instance) might be tracked by numerous relative within Find My.
Unfortunately, nevertheless, AirTags dont work like other Apple gadgets in Find My, and numerous users have taken to the MacRumors online forums, Reddit, and Apples neighborhood assistance website to share their displeasure after discovering the Family Sharing restriction:
Apple Communities user Amadeus4000:
I received my first 2 AirTags today. I was dissatisfied to see I couldnt share them with my spouse.
Apple Communities user MikeyPD:
It is incredibly frustrating that there is not presently a choice to share AirTags with household members. This is a very practical function that Tile (as well as other trackers) uses. I expect I should have looked into this before buying them. I expect it just appeared like such a no-brainer feature that I didnt even believe to inspecting.
I hope this is performance they add soon. , if Tile might figure out how to do it I am sure Apple can.. This is sort of a bummer.
MacRumors forum member Mr X:
Amazed that Apple didnt consist of a share choice a minimum of with official family share members. Tile utilized to allow me to share “products.”.
Me and the wife both have our own automobiles, but we swap at random. Shes always losing hers in your home and now I will not have the ability to discover them, only she can. Hope they add this feature.
MacRumors online forum member Leebroath:.
1. Husband opens brand new Air Tags and signs up one to his phone2. Places one in the Belkin holder, then links to only set of cars and truck keys3. 8am Wife selects up car keys in morning, drives to work, other half goes to sleep as on nightshift4. 4pm Wife finishes work however cant keep in mind where automobile keys are, baffled she checks out Find My … 5. * Fail *.
If a couple are on the exact same iCloud Family Sharing plan, then it ought to be possible for each individual to see the AirTag no matter whose phone it is.
As Apple has described, the only AirTag advantage afforded to individuals in an iCloud Family Sharing group is that they can silence the “AirTag Detected” security alert that appears when an AirTag is taking a trip with them that is registered to somebody else. (Likewise, the owner of the AirTag can disable the safety signals to avoid somebody elses iPhone from detecting it as undesirable tracking.).
However thats as far as the Family Sharing performance goes. AirTags are only meant to be owned by one individual, and its not currently possible to share an AirTags area with another relative using another Apple ID. Its most likely that Apple has actually omitted this feature due to personal privacy issues, so whether or not it intends to introduce it in the future through some other type of application remains to be seen.