All-Electric Bentley Coming in 2025 With a Little Help From Audi and VW

Tesla makes good vehicles and all, but if you want a high-end luxury automobile thats totally electric, quickly Bentley will have you covered. Today the automaker confirmed to Car Magazine that its going big on electrical lorries, with a full range coming in 2025.
According to the report, Bentleys very first complete EV will be the beautiful Electro-luxe SUV, with cars and trucks and other designs coming later on. Its first hybrid electrical car was likewise an SUV, for the record, so this relocation makes sense.
Bentley, the British high-end automotive group, plans to work with Volkswagen and Audi for its electrification procedure. Specifying that its first all-electric model will utilize VW Groups brand-new Artemis electric platform, which is likewise slated for a 2025 release.
The business stated it prepares to fully phase out internal combustion engines within the next 10 years. So, a minimum of in the meantime, the effective W12 routine engine is safe.
We dont understand a lot of information about the Bentley Electro-luxe SUV, at least not yet, however anticipate more details in the future. Itll definitely be powerful, elegant, gleam with luxury, and be fully electric. In the meantime, the hybrid Bentley Flying Spur and Continental GT are still en route shortly.
through: TheNextWeb