App Store blocks billions in attempted fraud

” In overall, Apple secured users from more than $1.5 billion in potentially deceitful deals in 2020,” the business declared.
App Review blocks deceitful apps
Apple staff members review every application prior to its permitted on the App Store. “In 2020 alone, the App Review team turned down more than 48,000 apps for consisting of undocumented or hidden features, and more than 150,000 apps were turned down because they were discovered to be spam, copycats, or deceiving to users in methods such as manipulating them into making a purchase.”

Apple stated on Tuesday that the App Store safeguarded customers from more than $1.5 billion in possibly deceptive transactions in 2020. And the App Review group turned down thousands of fraudulent applications.
The timing for this declaration from the iPhone-maker isnt unintentional. In the ongoing Epic Games v. Apple suit, the game designer argues that the App Store is a hinderance to development. Apple desires its clients to hear its side of the story, too.

Apple also cracks down on dubious developers. The company said it ended 470,000 developer accounts in 2020 and rejected an extra 205,000 developer enrollments.
Plus, the iPhone-maker works to prevent the abuse of the Apple Developer Enterprise Program. This allows companies to side-load software application, without going thorough the App Store. But these apps are just expected to be used by business staff members.

Apple avoids billions in charge card fraud
Wrongdoers frequently attempt to utilize taken charge card numbers on the App Store. Apple says it “focuses relentlessly” on preventing them from succeeding. In 2020, it stopped 3 million taken cards from being utilized.

In the ongoing Epic Games v. Apple lawsuit, the game developer argues that the App Store is a hinderance to development. Criminals frequently attempt to utilize stolen credit card numbers on the App Store. That included gambling apps, predatory loan issuers and pornography hubs, according to Apple
These apps are just expected to be utilized by business employees.

Of these, about 95,000 applications were removed for bait-and-switch strategies. That implies they were developed to change what they did after being approved. That consisted of betting apps, predatory loan providers and pornography centers, according to Apple
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Source: Apple.