Apple and Epic once planned a subscription bundle combining Fortnite Crew, Apple Music, and Apple TV+

The deal would offer customers access to Fortnite Club, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ for a package rate of $20 per month, or a savings of about $6 compared to acquiring the items separately.
The dripped files also shine a light on the underlying financial arrangement. Apple would keep $15 of the month-to-month quantity and Epic would get the remaining $5 if the membership was acquired through Apples apps. Likewise, if the user signed up through Fortnite, Epic would get $12 and Apple would take house the remainder.

As part of the documents turning up in the ongoing Epic vs. Apple trial that began today, numerous information have actually dripped out about Legendarys prepared plan for the video game.
Apparently, when Apple and Impressive were on better terms, the companies outlined a services bundle that would use a bundle membership of Fortnite Club (a Fortnite membership tier, which was later on launched in the United States called “Fortnite Crew”), Apple Music, and Apple TV+.

Its unclear how far along the negotiation procedure for this package was. Given that the name TV+ is used, it should have been sometime after March 2019 when Apples streaming service was initially openly revealed. Obviously, Apples and Epics relationship has actually considering that soured as the business battled over App Store rules, and this bundle never ever saw the light of day. Apple would later on release “Apple One,” a bundle offering of its own content services.
The proposed offer would also apparently see the inclusion of Apple-branded material inside the Fortnite universe. Epic ultimately wound up doing the reverse, holding a special in-game occasion as a public protest against Apples App Store policies.
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