Apple Investigating ‘Problem’ With Podcasts App That Began April 29 [Now Resolved]

Apples Podcasts platform is experiencing an “blackout” for some users, according to the businesss system status page.
” Users are experiencing a problem with this service,” composed Apple. “We are examining and will update the status as more information appears.” Apple says the concealed issue began on April 29.
Only some users are affected by the outage, according to Apple. No even more information were provided, and Apple has declined to comment at this time.
April 29 is the very same day that MacRumors reported about a range of complaints that users have made about the Podcasts app because it was revamped in iOS 14.5, such as avoiding during playback, inaccurate timestamps, unresponsive scrolling, episodes failing to sync throughout gadgets after being contributed to a library, and more.
Update: The blackout has actually been marked as resolved on Apples system status page.
( Thanks, Gustavo!).