Apple’s Find My has a hidden AirTag debug mode

When trying to find an AirTag, users can contact concealed designer info listing technical information about how tracking is working.Its a curiosity instead of anything right away useful to the majority of users, however its possible to get the Find My app to show much more info as it tracks an AirTag. Tapping on the products name 5 or two times, at any point throughout tracking, or perhaps after its been discovered, will switch on a kind of developer mode.First identified by Reddit user “cyem,” the concealed mode includes readily easy to understand information about bearing and pitch. Theres also a good deal of detail thats less obvious, plus the ability to modify 7 settings.
Left: 2 shots revealing the regular method to discover an AirTag. : the exact same method but with the concealed mode on
This covert mode continues, it remains on whenever you utilize Find My to track an AirTag, until you switch it off. Its likely that changed settings will stay changed.To change off this concealed mode, tap on the product name another 5 or so times and it disappears.Note that while this is a function of the Find My app, it is particular to AirTags. Theres apparently no equivalent for any other devices being tracked by the app.