Blue Origin’s First Space Tourism Flights Set for Blastoff

Blue Origin
Today, Jeff Bezos space company Blue Origin announced that its all set to introduce its first astronaut team to area on July 20, 2021, and its even auctioning off seats to the greatest bidder.
Blue Origins space tourist rocket called New Shepard will be taking individuals to space on the trip of a lifetime. For now, the business has yet to say anything about ticket pricing or open sales of any kind, however thats anticipated to come at a later date.
The profits will go to Blue Origins structure, Club for the Future. Somebody will be able to basically bid on a flight to area like they d bid for tennis shoes on eBay.
Well, Blue Origin has successfully completed 14 test flights of its reusable “New Shepard” rocket since 2015, and now the business is positive in sending paying customers above the clouds. Now I simply need to obtain some money so I can go on this trip, or to the moon with Space X.
If this first trip goes the method Blue Origin and Bezos anticipates, the company aims to offer routine space flights for tourists by the end of 2021.
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