Comment: AirTag could become an essential retail and business tool if Apple wants it to be one

AirTag is foremost and first marketed as a customer item. Its a cost effective little tracker you can connect to keys, bags, clothing, automobiles, family pets, you name it. Technically, AirTag has a ton of other potential applications. A single AirTag consists of a basic NFC chip currently used with lost mode. If you find a tag, simply tap it to your phone to find out who owns it. This little chip inside AirTag might be used in loads of other ways. In fact, weve already seen hackers reconfigure an AirTag with custom actions. Aside from opening NFC, Apple might also enable more functions for the Find My network.

The first actually obvious application that I see remains in retail. Retailers have actually attempted all various kinds of theft avoidance items and strategies, from expensive security guards to unpleasant ink-based tags that can harm inventory. AirTag might be an option for this industry.
Stock tracking & & security
There are a couple of things that Apple would need to do in order to make this viable. The first is expand the 16 AirTag limitation on a single account. Stores would need to be able to track at least everything on the store floor. Small shops could need a few hundred AirTags while bigger stores would need thousands. Those quantities would demand some sort of business program for purchasing AirTags affordably in bulk.
Not just might this enable sellers to more efficiently and accurately track costly inventory, it might also serve Apple by telling clients “hey if this is great enough for services to protect their inventory, it d be great enough for my secrets or wallet.”

Standard security tag used by merchants

Apple already offers the capability to etch, digitally name, and identify a tag. At check out, the cashier might just remove the tag like they would a traditional security tag. This would need Apple or 3rd celebration accessory makers to produce very affordable recyclable and protected accessories for AirTag similar to the really common existing ink-based security tags you see on things like trousers.
AirTag in retail might prevent theft, assistance stop big scale break-ins, and save businesses cash. Heck, lots of stores already use Apple devices as point of sale tools. Im sure youve seen a minimum of one iPad at a checkout prior to. Some stores even use iPod Touches or iPhones on the flooring for pulling stock from the back.
AirTag could also be an actually helpful thing for business offices to track crucial items from video production rigs to movable furniture. It could be connected to truly anything that gets moved around often. Sharing would be an important addition to Find My in this case, otherwise staff members would all need to be signed into the very same account.
NFC initiated actions
Prior to the pandemic, sellers were becoming active focused on experiential in-store activations. This is sure to resume once the world starts to get back to a more normal state. Sellers are constantly looking for brand-new methods to let customers connect with products inside stores.
If Apple were to present a method for users to program custom-made links or shortcuts into an AirTag, they might enable entirely brand-new experiences. I can even see different kinds of treasure hunts or conceal and seek experiences that AirTag could enable.
An Apple Store avenue
These type of customized NFC actions might also work in offices, schools, restaurants, theaters and more. Envision having the ability to tap your phone to an AirTag to see what todays lunch menu is or if you might approach a film or tap poster to see the times on your phone.
Apple might even discover cool ways to make the most of AirTags distance performance.
AirTag is poised to be a big hit but it might be an even larger one. What do you think about these ideas for bringing AirTag into organizations?
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A single AirTag includes a standard NFC chip presently utilized with lost mode. Weve currently seen hackers reconfigure an AirTag with custom actions. Small shops could require a few hundred AirTags while larger stores would need thousands. If Apple were to present a method for users to program custom links or faster ways into an AirTag, they could enable entirely new experiences. I can even see various kinds of treasure hunts or conceal and look for experiences that AirTag might make it possible for.