Create Location-based Reminders in Google Keep

Aside from the Chrome web browser, Google Keep is the app that I use more than any other on my Pixel 5 phone ( a phone I like, however dont love). I utilize it for bookmarking websites, developing order of business and shopping lists, and to set suggestions for myself throughout the day. My preferred aspect of Google Keep is the ability to set location-based reminders. When I get to particular location, by producing location-based pointers for myself I can be reminded of things that I require to do. I use it to advise myself of things that I require to tell my children preschool teachers when I drop them off in the early morning. Ive likewise utilized it to advise myself of the first thing that I require to do when I get to school in the morning. The value of location-based pointers is that theyre not dependent on time. If Im stuck in traffic and get to school a little later than I prepared, the suggestion does not appear when Im still sitting in my cars and truck and cant act on it. The reminder just appears once I get to the place that I require to do the job that Ive produced in my reminder in Google Keep. In this brief video I show how to develop location-based pointers in Google Keep..
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