Dell Patched a Critical Driver Flaw from 2009 Affecting Hundreds of PC Models

Michael Crider
If you or anyone you understand has a Dell computer system, old or new, they ought to most likely update it immediately. Dell just released a security spot that attends to several vulnerabilities in numerous its computers going back to 2009.
Users that own a Dell or Alienware computer system can presume its vulnerable to this issue; basically, whatever from a brand name brand-new Dell XPS 15 or G3 gaming laptop computer to your moms and dads old Dell computer system that most likely still runs Windows 7. Thankfully, Dell has a complete list of affected designs on its website detailing over 380 models.
To make matters worse, Dell verified practically 200 affected models no longer get service, which indicates some super old computers need a little additional TLC from owners or IT personnel this week.
Obviously, among Dell and Alienwares firmware upgrade energies have a vulnerability that enables an assailant to get improved system benefits, access the BIOS, and take over a device. More specifically, the DBUtil BIOS chauffeur. The vulnerability was found by SentinelLabs and reported to Dell back in December, however so far, it does not look like these long-standing flaws have been made use of in the wild.
We suggest all owners fire up the Dell Update utility, check for updates, and without delay install anything shown. If you have not done this in a while, it could take a while, so be patient.
by means of: The Verge