Epic vs. Apple trial begins in chaos with Fortnite and Apple fans flooding the public call line

Today marks the beginning of the three-week Apple vs. Legendary trial over the App Store. The trial, nevertheless, started in mayhem as the call-in line was flooded with Fortnite and Apple fans alike after the court failed to mute the individuals.

There is no live video stream of the Epic vs. Apple trial, but there is an audio call-in number noted on the United States District Court website. Ahead of the trial starting today, the call-in phone line was flooded by Apple and Fortnite fans arguing over the cases result.
One of the most prominent chants during the call was devoted Fortnite fans yelling “totally free Fortnite.” VentureBeat has a good recap of some of the other best minutes of the call:

Ultimately, the court lastly determined how the phone system works, and everybody was silenced. “I believe weve got the phone lines under control. It will not be a problem in the future,” federal judge Yvette Gonzalez Rogers said.
The Epic vs. Apple trial will run for three weeks. It officially starts today with opening remarks, and well have full protection right here on 9to5Mac. You can find directions on how to listen along here.

The Apple VS Epic court trial has started. and some Fortnite gamers have actually found a method to use their microphones in the audio conference and have used it to play Travis Scott music and other stuff.
Oh boy … this is gon na be interesting.
— ShiinaBR– Fortnite Leaks (@ShiinaBR) May 3, 2021

Start of the Epic v Apple trial appears to be delayed bc nobody can find out how to mute the hundreds of people asking the judge to revive Fortnite Mobile on the public teleconference line pic.twitter.com/0Rj4Qu5ivH
— Nicol├ís Rivero (@NicolasFuRivero) May 3, 2021

The Epic v Apple trial starts with the best part of a trial: Figuring out how to get the innovation working.
— Ian Sherr (@iansherr) May 3, 2021

” Im going to inform my mother simply do not get the line,” stated one audience member.
Another said, “Tim Sweeney better understand what hes doing. We will not have iOS back if he messes up once. This call is live, by the way.”
Then somebody said, “They screwed up and lost their app on iOS.”
Someone chanted, “Epic Games! Legendary Games!”
One listener ended up being a commentator, saying the trial is anticipated to last 3 weeks. Another began playing Travis Scott, who held a concert in Fortnite that was attended by 10s of countless individuals.
” We simply desire mobile back,” stated another. “Im so bad I cant manage mobile.”
There was a lot of cursing.
At one point, there were lots of individuals attempting to talk at when. Someone promoted his YouTube channel. Another sang the praises of auto-aiming on mobile.

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At one point, there were dozens of people trying to talk at as soon as. One individual promoted his YouTube channel. Eventually, the court finally figured out how the phone system works, and everyone was muted. “I believe weve got the phone lines under control. The Epic vs. Apple trial will run for three weeks.