Equinor & Scatec Solar Complete 162 Megawatt Brazilian Solar Plant

Image of solar job courtesy Equinor
Norwegian energy business Equinor and Scatec Solar announced this week that they had completed the 162 megawatt (MW) Apodi Solar plant in Brazil, the previouss primary step into the solar market.
The 162 MW Apodi Solar plant situated in the Brazilian state of Ceará and was awarded in the auction process held by ANEEL, the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency, in November 2015. The task signed a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with CCEE, the Brazilian Power Commercialization Chamber, and is expected to provide approximately 340,000 MW-hours (MWh) of electricity annually– sufficient to provide the equivalent of over 170,000 families and reduce CO2 emissions of around 200,000 tonnes per year.
The project was developed collectively by Scatec Solar and Equinor following a contract made in October of 2017. The Joint Venture between the two business constructed the job, and will own and run it moving on, as well as being accountable for maintenance and asset management.
” We have effectively understood our first solar power plant in Brazil and yet once again verifying our strong track record as an independent solar energy manufacturer,” crowed Raymond Carlsen, CEO of Scatec Solar. “We see substantial potential for additional growth in Brazil and other parts of Latin America, and we will soon begin building and construction of a new 117 MW solar plant in Argentina in collaboration with Equinor.”

” This is a tactical turning point for Equinor. Apodi was our primary step into the solar market,” added Pål Eitrheim, EVP of New Energy Solutions in Equinor. “With the plant now in operations and through our outstanding collaboration with Scatec Solar, we are complementing Equinors portfolio with rewarding solar energy. Apodi includes to our portfolio in Brazil, a core area for the company. This also reveals that we are well underway on our journey to end up being a broad energy business turning natural resources into energy for people and development for society.”
Scatec Solar is also looking to continue establishing solar jobs in both Brazil and South America. “We see significant potential for additional growth in Brazil and other parts of Latin America, and we will soon begin construction of a brand-new 117 MW solar plant in Argentina in partnership with Equinor,” described Raymond Carlsen.