Five Google Earth Activities to Get Kids Interested in the Outdoors

In recentlys Week in Review I mentioned a new book titled Outdoor Kids in an Inside World. In the book Steven Rinella presents a great deal of ideas for getting kids interested and included in learning more about nature. In the very first chapter he presents a big list of concepts for things that you can do to trigger kids curiosity before you even head outdoors. As I read through those ideas it struck me that numerous could be done or be assisted by the use of Google Earth.
Motivated by Steven Rinellas Outdoor Kids in an Inside World, here are five Google Earth activities that you can do to get kids thinking about learning about the world around them.
Trace a drop of rain from your home to the nearby stream, river, lake, or ocean.How lots of overall feet or meters of elevation change would you cross to stroll from your school to the acme in your state, province, or country.Create a tour of the 5 most interesting geological functions in your state, province, or nation. Let students choose what certifies as “interesting.”Use the historical imagery in Google Earth to view changes in shoreline over the last fifty years. Have students develop a list of the aspects that added to those changes.Take a walk outside and look for bird nests. Tape their areas in a Google Earth file. If the bird nests are in the exact same locations, repeat the procedure the list below year with another group of students and see.
If youre interested in discovering more about Google Earth, enroll in A Crash Course in Google Earth and Maps or take an appearance at Around the World With Google Earth.