Found a Lost AirTag? Here’s What to Do

Apples AirTag item trackers are created to let users track their everyday possessions, such as keys, wallets, knapsacks, and so on. If you discover an AirTag thats been separated from its owner, heres how you can safely return it to them.
AirTags can be tracked by their owners in Apples Find My app, which uses Bluetooth and other Apple devices to locate them. If an AirTag isnt neighboring and there are no Apple gadgets in the location in which its situated, Find My can only inform the owner where it was last seen on the map.
In such cases, the AirTag owner can put it in Lost Mode, which allows anyone with an iPhone or Android gadget that has NFC to help return the AirTag to them. Even if an AirTag isnt in Lost Mode, if its been separated for a time period from its owner then it will make a noise to alert anyone close by.
Heres what you can do to get it back to its rightful owner if you come throughout an AirTag and you have an NFC-equipped gadget.

Tap and hold the top of your iPhone or NFC-capable smartphone to the white side of the AirTag.
Tap the notification that appears on your devices screen. This will open a website supplying you with information about the AirTag, including its serial number.If the owner marked the AirTag as lost, you might be shown a message with info about how to get in touch with the owner, enabling you to get in touch with the owner to let them know that you discovered their AirTagged product.

AirTags can only be utilized to track items via an iPhone or iPad with the Find My app. Apple sells individual AirTags for $29 or a pack of 4 for $99. For more details on AirTag item trackers, take a look at our devoted guide.