Foxconn’s iPhone 12 Output in India Hit By Local Lockdowns

iPhone 12 production at a Foxconn factory in India has actually been cut by more than 50% in the middle of a lockdown, and numerous reported cases of COVID-19 infections for workers at the plant, according to a new report from Reuters.
The primary factory located in Tamil Nadu, a state under extreme lockdown steps, has actually been forced to considerably cut down on production. According to sources who spoke to Reuters, staff members at the Foxconn facility have just been able to leave, but not reenter.
More than 100 Foxconn workers in the state have actually tested favorable for COVID-19 and the company has actually enforced a no-entry ban at its factory in the capital of Chennai till late May, one of the sources said.
” Employees are just permitted to leave however not to enter the facility since the other day,” the individual stated. “Only a little part of output is being kept.”
More than 50% of the plants capacity had actually been cut, both sources said, decreasing to be called as they were not authorised to talk to the media.
Foxconn stopped short on providing particular details but said in a declaration that is it providing all contaminated employees with medical help.
“Foxconn places the health and wellness of our workers as our greatest priority and that is why we have been working closely with local federal government and public health authorities in India to resolve the challenges that we and all companies are dealing with in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis,” it stated in a statement to Reuters.
Previously this year, Apple began production of the iPhone 12 in India as part of its ongoing push to get rid of dependence on providers and production in China. The significant slowdown of production for iPhones in India comes amid a wider international chip lack, which so far has actually not affected Apples iPhone line, however is causing hold-ups for the Mac and iPad.