Harness the power to save energy at your business

As companies consider their resuming plans, there are many manner in which owners can prepare their residential or commercial properties to be more energy effective.
While structures and other commercial spaces are partly inhabited by workers and owners, property managers and consumers can carry out several changes to assist save energy:

Set computers, displays, printers, photo copiers and other workplace devices to sleep when not in use or switch off the devices completely.
When leaving a space, change off all nonessential lights.
Disconnect devices and chargers that are not in usage.
Inspect to make sure breakroom devices, including coffee machine, are turned off.

Additionally, by integrating the following finest practices, organization and homeowner can even more reduce energy usage:

Inspect heating and cooling vents and keep them devoid of mess.
Set the thermostat to 65-68 degrees in the day throughout cooler months and 72-75 degrees in warmer months.
Close window shades on hot days to keep summertime heat outside. On cooler days, make the most of natural sunlight to heat up the space.
Consider updating old devices to more recent, more efficient models and taking benefit of cash incentives to assist you make energy-saving improvements.

To find extra energy saving pointers for your service, see the Power to Save fact sheet. For questions, email existingbuildings@energytrust.org.