How to Create Your Own Virtual Reality Tours

To find out how to use Expeditions Pro to assist students on VR tours, see this video. The directions in the video can be followed for VR tours you produce or those that you find in the galleries in the Expeditions Pro app.

There are a few things to keep in mind from this video before you attempt developing your own virtual reality trips with Expeditions Pro. In the demonstration I used 360 degree imagery that I recorded with my Android phone (Pixel 5) and saved in Google Photos. Second, I downloaded my 360 images from my Google Photos account then imported it into my trip. Third, I used to tape-record the audio narrative for the each view in my trip. I downloaded my audio from Vocaroo as an MP3 file then imported it into my trip on Expeditions Pro.

A couple of weeks ago I composed about and gave a video presentation of how to lead trainees on virtual truth trips with Expeditions Pro. In that video I pointed out that Expeditions Pro can also be utilized to develop your own virtual truth tours.