How to enable AirTag’s hidden debug mode on iPhone

Sliders allow you to alter the color of the background, along with video camera blur and brightness. You can also make it possible for an “eco mode” that decreases camera resolution to save battery life.
Heres how you can try out the AirTag debug mode before Apple pulls it.

AirTag owners have actually found a hidden debug mode inside the Find My app on iPhone. It offers more comprehensive information on your tracker and allows you to customize the Precision Finding interface.
Well show you how to allow it on iOS 14.5 or later.

It appears, nevertheless, that AirTags surprise debut mode slipped through the net. It can be quickly accessed inside the Find My app on iPhone without making use of unapproved hacks. In truth, all it takes is a couple of taps.
What is AirTags hidden debug mode?
As soon as triggered, the surprise debug mode provides more comprehensive information on an AirTags stats– such as its distance from your gadget. It also gives you some choices for personalizing the Precision Finding user interface.

Apple does not usually deliver software with covert debug modes that are accessible to anybody. It has actually taken place, its an unusual event; the modes are usually removed out of public software application releases.

Enable AirTags debug mode in Find My
Prior to you jump in, theres one essential thing to note: There is no simple method to reset any changes you make inside AirTags debug mode, so play around with its sliders and functions at your own threat.
If that doesnt put you off, these are the easy actions you need to follow the gain access to the mode yourself:

You ought to now be able to see the debug mode overlay. Comprehensive info on your AirTag appears at the top of the screen above the choice to enable “eco mode,” followed by the customization sliders.
Any changes you make can not be reset.Screenshots: Reddit
The screenshots above, published on Reddit, reveal what the overlay must look like. Keep in mind, any changes you make can not be quickly reset.
Enjoy it while you can
Were practically certain the AirTag debug mode was supposed to be eliminated from public versions of iOS. Although its offered inside iOS 14.5 and the iOS 14.6 beta for now, we dont anticipate it to remain.

Open the Find My app on your iPhone.
Get close enough to your AirTag to allow the Precision Finding experience.
Tap four times on the vibrant header that shows your AirTags name.

Its likely Apple will get rid of the mode in future iOS updates, so enjoy it while you can.