How to Factory Reset an AirTag So Someone Else Can Use It

When you established an AirTag, its instantly related to your Apple ID, which means its linked to your Apple ID and cant be utilized by somebody else unless you reset it.
Resetting can be as basic as getting rid of an AirTag from your Apple ID, by following these steps:

Open the Find My app.
Tap on the AirTag that you desire to remove by selecting its name from the list.
Swipe upwards to bring up the complete AirTag settings.
Tap on “Remove Item.”
Tap on “Remove” and then tap once again on the “Remove” popup.

The AirTags ownership is cleared and you can provide it to somebody else to set up and utilize with their own account as soon as youve gone through this process.
Regrettably, if youre not in Bluetooth series of your AirTag when you eliminate it from your account, it will not sign up and a manual reset will be needed. If you end up with an AirTag from somebody else that says its linked to their ID however theyve currently removed it from their account, follow these steps to physically reset the AirTag:

To prevent having to do this tiresome physical resetting process, its best to ensure that the individual offering you an AirTag has eliminated it from their account in the proper way while its in variety of Bluetooth, because thats a far easier procedure for clearing AirTag ownership to pass it along to somebody else.
According to MacRumors readers, in the event that your AirTag is taken and someone tries to reset it to use with their own Apple ID (without you eliminating it from your account), it will not work properly. It will not have the ability to pair to a brand-new Apple ID, but you likewise wont be able to track it in your Find My app any longer.

Press down on the stainless-steel backing of the AirTag.
As you press down, turn counterclockwise until the cover stops turning.
Pull apart the two halves of the AirTag.
Secure the battery.
Put the battery back in.
Press down on the battery up until it makes a noise.
When the sound surfaces, repeat this process 4 more times, getting rid of and replacing the battery and after that pushing on the battery till you hear a sound.
You require to hear an overall of 5 noises to ensure that the AirTag is reset.
After youve finished this procedure, put the cover on the AirTag back on and after that align the 3 tabs on the cover with the three slots on the AirTag.
Press down on the cover until theres a noise, and turn the cover clockwise until it secures location.