How to Hide Sensitive Notifications on Android

For a less aggressive option, toggle the turn off for “Sensitive Notifications.”.

Android permits you to hide what it calls “delicate material” from notices on your lock screen. The notification will still appear, however the content of it will be concealed. What precisely qualifies as a “sensitive” alert is up to the app designers, so it can differ.

Now, select “Notifications.”.

If you d like to hide all notifications, choose “Dont Show Any Notifications.” You also have the choice to “Hide Silent Conversations and Notifications.”.

Next, choose “Apps & & Notifications.”

Scroll down to the “Notifications on Lock Screen” section. Select “Notifications on Lock Screen.”.

To get begun, swipe below the top of your devices screen (when or two times, depending upon your phone or tablets producer) and tap the equipment icon to open the Settings menu.

Your phone or tablets lock screen avoids people from entering into your device, but theres still details that can be obtained from notices on the display screen itself. Fortunately, Android makes it simple to hide material on your lock screen.
Android permits you to conceal what it calls “delicate content” from notifications on your lock screen. The notice will still appear, but the content of it will be concealed. What exactly certifies as a “sensitive” notice depends on the app developers, so it can vary.

Youre all set! Once again, the “Sensitive Notifications” method does not provide a lot of control. Whats considered “sensitive” is completely as much as the apps. It may work for the apps that you use, or it might not.
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