How to Install the Tor Browser on a Chromebook

Await the files to install and download.

What Is Tor?
The Tor Project has developed a free, anonymizing computer system network that anybody can utilize to keep their personal privacy online. The Tor network utilizes the routine web infrastructure along with its own overlay network of volunteer-provided Tor nodes.
The Tor internet browser enables you to gain access to websites on the Tor network as well as on the regular web, which is known as the clear web. In both cases, your network traffic is routed over the Tor network. Remember that your traffic has to emerge from the cover of the Tor network to access the website you wish to go to.
The Tor browsers main function isnt clear-web surfing. Its true function is to check out websites on the Tor network itself, which are called onion websites.
The Tor network is a darknet and a part of the dark web. Theres a great deal of terrible material on the dark web. You should just check out the dark web if you have a great or otherwise compelling factor to do so. And there are lots of valid reasons– the dark web isnt all bad.
In some repressive routines, Tor is the only method to reach clear-web websites that have actually been prohibited in those nations. Most major newspapers own an onion site on the Tor network so that confidential sources can deliver stories and tip-offs while remaining anonymous.
How Can You Run Tor on Chromebooks?
The Tor site states that there is no official Tor customer for ChromeOS. There is a Tor Android app and, since Chromebooks can run Android apps, you can utilize that on your Chromebook. The sites that you visit think that youre on a mobile gadget (such as a mobile phone).
Luckily, there is a simple method to install a real Tor web browser on your Chromebook. It utilizes the Linux subsystem for ChromeOS. Youll need to do that first if you have not triggered Linux on your Chromebook.
The Linux subsystem might not be readily available on older Chromebook models. If the setting described in the next area doesnt appear in your ChromeOS settings, then unfortunately, youre out of luck.
Switching on the ChromeOS Linux Subsystem.
Youll require to turn on Chrome OSs Linux subsystem.
Click the notification location (system tray) to open the Settings menu and click the cogwheel icon.

Then, at last, the Tor web browser will appear.

Now, well inform our Linux subsystem to look for any updates.
sudo apt upgrade.

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The Tor Project says that you cant run the complete variation of the anonymizing Tor web browser on a Chromebook. The Tor network uses the routine web infrastructure along with its own overlay network of volunteer-provided Tor nodes. The Tor web browser permits you to gain access to sites on the Tor network as well as on the routine web, which is known as the clear web. The Tor site states that there is no main Tor client for ChromeOS. Fortunately, there is a basic method to set up an authentic Tor web browser on your Chromebook.

Some intriguing details is displayed for us. The most crucial thing is that we now understand which version of Linux this subsystem is based on. Its Debian Linux. Debian utilizes the APT software installation system, or “plan supervisor,” in Linux-speak.
We will utilize APT to install the Tor internet browser.
Installing the Tor Browser.
Copy and paste the next line into the terminal window. Note that if youre using the keyboard to paste into the terminal window, the keystrokes are “Ctrl+ Shift+ V”, not “Ctrl+ V.”.
When we tell the APT system to install a bundle for us, it browses through several locations to look for the bundle. This command sets up an extra location for APT to search.
echo “deb buster-backports primary contrib”|sudo tee/ etc/apt/sources. list.d/ backports.list.

To discover out a bit about the Linux environment were running in, type this command and after that hit the “Enter” secret. Youll need to strike the “Enter” crucial each time you enter a command in the terminal window.
feline/ etc/os-release.

For optimal security, utilize the Tor internet browser with a VPN (ExpressVPN is our favorite), and just go onto the dark web with a specific function in mind. Casual tourist does not count

From the menu, select “Preferences.”.

DuckDuckGo: The privacy-focussed search engine. This still only browses the clear web, naturally. Discover it at https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/.
CIA: The Central Intelligence Agencys onion site. Its at http://ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad.onion/index.html/.
New York City Times: The New York Times keeps numerous onion websites. This site offers its news to anyone who can reach it, including from areas where outdoors news is prohibited: https://www.nytimes3xbfgragh.onion/.

When the installation completes, we can release the Tor web browser launcher.
What weve installed is a small program that downloads the actual Tor internet browser installation files, checks the stability of the download versus checksums and signatures, and, if all is well, installs it for us.

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The Tor Project states that you cant run the complete version of the anonymizing Tor browser on a Chromebook. But, by utilizing your Chromebooks Linux subsystem, you can install and use it very easily. Heres how.

To introduce the Tor internet browser in the future, just click the icon on your shelf.
There will be a brief delay while it gets prepared and configures itself, and after that the Tor internet browser will launch.
Making Tor Safer on Chrome OS.
Lets increase the security level of the browser. Click the three-line menu icon on top right of the web browser window.

Click the “Turn On” button beside the “Linux Development Environment (Beta)” entry.
A verification window will appear to let you know that a download is about to take place.

Go into a user name, and leave the disk size option at the default setting. When the setup completes, youll see the Linux terminal window and a command prompt with a blinking cursor.
Note that the command prompt includes the user name you picked earlier. In this example, it was “dave.”.

Youll most likely discover it practical to include the Tor browser to the pinned apps on your rack. Right-click the Tor internet browser icon on your rack and choose “Pin” from the context menu.

On the Settings page, type “linux” into the search bar.

When that command completes, well install the Tor browser launcher. Cut and paste this command into the Linux terminal window, and after that struck “Enter.”.
sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher -t buster-backports -y.

A connection dialog box will appear. Click the “Connect” button.

Now that you have the Tor browser set up, youre great to go and visit onion websites. Where are they? Well, its a little bit Catch-22. If you understand why you need to be on the dark web, you should understand where you need to go to.
The dark web doesnt have a comparable to Google. At least, theres absolutely nothing that you can trust that will not point you to phony sites and limitless scams. So you cant browse for a subject and get a list of links to different websites. This isnt the clear web.
The only way to prove that your Tor internet browser is functioning properly is to visit some onion sites. So here are some safe ones.

Wait while yet another development bar gradually sneaks to 100%.

When the settings window appears, click “Privacy and Security” in the list of alternatives on the left-hand side of the screen. If you have the web browser window set to a narrow width, the choice is replaced by a padlock icon. Set the “Security Level” to the “Safest” setting.

Youll see a great deal of output scrolling past and a text-based progress bar at the bottom of the window. You may be triggered to confirm that youre sure that you want to set up the launcher. If youre triggered, press “Y” and hit “Enter.”.