How to Make Stop-Motion Videos with Your Phone

Tap the video camera icon to start adding frames to the video.

You will now see the video editor screen. There are a number of buttons to the left and right of the viewfinder. The timeline lies throughout the bottom of the screen, which is where the frames will appear.

Its best to change all the settings prior to you start taking photos. We advise using one overlay with light openness and autofocus.

Tap the play icon to get a sneak peek of how the last video will look. If youre happy with it, tap the share icon.

You can scroll through the bottom timeline to see all the frames. Tap a frame to bring up some editing tools for the particular frame. This is where you can remove frames or insert brand-new ones.

We can now export the video and share it. Touch and hold your job file.

Line up the shot and tap the video camera button to take the first photo.

Overlay: Select the number of previous frames to reveal on top of the electronic camera.
Transparency: Adjust the openness of the overlays.
Grid: Shot positioning grid.
Back: Return to the editor screen.
Timer: Add a timer to the shutter.
Capture: Snap an image.
Play: Playback the frames.
Settings: Switch in between front and back cameras, adjust focus modes, and zoom in or out.

From the share menu, select “Save As,” or select an app.

Congrats, youre now a stop-motion director. Perhaps youll produce the next excellent Holiday classic!

Select “Export Movie” to download the file or share it with another app. You can also select to export it as an “Animated GIF.”

On this screen, you have a couple of alternatives too.

Youve probably seen stop-motion videos, however you may not know how theyre made. A stop-motion video is actually a sequence of images. There are a handful of great stop-motion video apps out there. You can make easy stop-motion videos with the totally free version. You will now see the video editor screen.

The video will now be minimized your device. Heres an extremely fast video I made.

Tap the back arrow button to go to the editor screen when youre done.

Adjust the items in the shot and tap the video camera button to take the next image.

Stop-motion movies are enjoyed by many. Whether its the renowned Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or more modern-day movies like Coraline, stop motion has a distinct visual. If you have a phone with a video camera, you can make your own.
Youve most likely seen stop-motion videos, but you might not understand how theyre made. A stop-motion video is really a series of images. The illusion of movement is developed by moving the objects ever so slightly in each picture and stitching them together. Its essentially one long flipbook.
There are a handful of terrific stop-motion video apps out there. For this guide, well be utilizing a free app called “Stop Motion Studio.” Its readily available for totally free for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
You can make easy stop-motion videos with the complimentary version. However, a few of the advanced features need an in-app purchase. The complimentary version is ideal if youre doing this just for fun.
The app, you may also desire a tripod or some sort of prop to hold your gadget in a consistent position. An inexpensive adapter is excellent if you currently have a full-size tripod, or you might take it an action even more and get a phone tripod with remote camera control.
To begin, open the Stop Motion Studio app on your iPhone or Android device and grant it the needed permissions to take photos and videos and record audio.

Repeat this process up until youve moved the challenge your taste. Tap the play button at any time to get a quick sneak peek of your progress so far.

Back: Go back to the main screen.
Voice Over: Record audio over the video.
Add: Add images, titles and credits, audio, and video.
Settings: Adjust the FPS (playback speed), add fade shifts, modification aspect ratio, and more.
Capture: Capture frames.
Undo: Remove the last frame.
Help: Info about the buttons.
Play: Playback the frames.

Next, tap “New Movie” to start a brand-new job.

When the video is to your preference, tap the back arrow to go to the main screen.