How to Pin Conversations in Google Chat

To remove a pin, click the three-dot menu icon again and pick “Unpin” from the menu. The pin icon will be gotten rid of, and the discussion or space will go back to its initial spot in the list.

To unpin a discussion or space in either view, follow the very same steps and choose “Unpin.”.
Pin Conversations in the Google Chat Mobile App.
The procedure for pinning conversations and spaces in the mobile app is simply as basic, and the steps need to work the very same for Google Chat on Android as they do for Google Chat on iPhone and iPad.
Tap and hold a discussion or room and choose “Pin” from the menu.

To remove a pin, tap, hold, and select “Unpin” from the menu.

The discussion or space will relocate to the top of the Chat or Rooms list. It will likewise show a pin icon on the right.

If you have the conversation or room in full view, click the arrow at the leading next to the name( s) and choose “Pin.”.

Pin from within a Conversation or Room Online
Another alternative for pinning a conversation or space is to do it from within the interactions window. If you have a discussion or room open in the little window, click the three-dot menu icon and select “Pin.”.

Pin from within a Conversation or Room on Mobile.
If you have a discussion or room completely view on your screen, tap the arrow at the top beside the name( s) and choose “Pin.”.

Whether you communicate with others a little or a lot in Google Chat, having fast access to your most important conversations is essential. For this, you can pin discussions in Google Chat on the internet, in Gmail online, and in the mobile app.
Pin Conversations in Google Chat or Gmail Online
If you use Google Chat online or have it enabled in the sidebar for your online Gmail account, you can quickly pin a discussion or a space. The alternatives and directions are the exact same in both spots.
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Click the three-dot menu icon to the right of a conversation or space and select “Pin” from the drop-down menu.

To remove a pin, tap the arrow and choose “Unpin.”.
If you pin a discussion or room in any of the above places, your pin will sync with the others. For instance, you can pin a conversation on the Google Chat website which very same conversation will be pinned in the mobile app. Unpinning conversations or spaces works the same.
You can lastly keep your crucial interactions at the top of the list in Google Chat, simply like you can by pinning texts in Messages on iPhone and iPad.

The discussion or room will transfer to a Pinned section at the top.