iFixit shows how to add a hole to AirTag

The alternative is a different holder with a ring or strap connected. Theres a Belkin essential ring that costs $12.95. And lots of other less expensive choices are expected soon.
More AirTag tricks
The iFixit teardown of AirTag showed up some other tidbits next to where to drill a hole. Including that the tracker includes a reasonably large magnet that turns the entire plastic case into a speaker.

If youre willing to run the risk of destroying an AirTag, you can drill a hole in it. Photo: iFixit

IFixit also has the caution, “Attempt this at your own risk! Drilling in the wrong location can cause serious damage, so do not attempt this in the house unless youre prepared to potentially turn your tracker into a really light paperweight.”
The 3 green splotches are the recommended “safe” locations.
If youre prepared to take the threat, these are the 3 AirTag spots iFixit states are offered for drilling.Photo: iFixit

Theres no direct method to attach Apples just-released AirTag to a set of keys due to the fact that the item tracker does not include a hole. However iFixit discovered and x-rayed the device 3 places a brave user could drill a hole.
An AirTag is a button-size gadget that the user can find with their iPhone or other Apple device. It takes on Tile trackers.
Including an AirTag hole: Drill, baby, drill!
Noting the lack of an accessory hole thats one of the limitations of the gadget ifixit did an AirTag teardown.
X-rays done by its partner Creative Electron discovered a trio of areas empty of chips, antennas, and boards. It took a 1/16th-inch drill bit and drilled through the plastic housing at one of the blank spaces, and the AirTag survived the operation.

And the item number, A2187, is an unexpected Star Wars recommendation.