LEGO Expands the Botanical Paradise with Plant-tastic “Birds of Paradise”

LEGOs Botanical Collection continues its captivating flower journey with the attractive new Birds of Paradise set. The set includes 1173 pieces, and is a 1:1 replica of the exotic flower of the very same name.
The Bird of Paradise is a fun set for plant lovers and adult contractors, and even lets you rearrange the flowers and leaves however you desire for a more distinct display screen. The pop of color the flowers endurances and petals offer is a good contrast to the deep rich green leaves also. And when youve completed, the set will look just as stunning on a table, desk, or nightstand as it would in a screen case.
The set includes a stylish black LEGO flower pot that determines over 5 inches (13cm) high. Combined with the flower, the set measures over 18 inches (46cm) high in total.
Youll be able to buy the set on August 1 for $99.99 and is not yet up for pre-order. Though well need to wait a while to get our hands on it, we cant stop staring at it because its so stunning. And most importantly– LEGOs Botanical Collection does not need to be watered and itll remain looking beautiful for years to come!
through Brickfinder