Microsoft Shutters Windows 10X, at Least For Now

After almost two years of advancement, it sounds like Microsoft will delay the launch of Windows 10X or never ever release it at all. Revealed back in 2019 as an operating system for dual-screen and portable gadgets, its seen a number of delays, and its now on the edge of vanishing completely.
According to a report by Petri, Microsoft will not be shipping Windows 10X this year, and the entire project is being put on the backburner until further notice. In the hectic technology world, thats a death sentence.
What is Windows 10X? An easier variation of Windows 10 constructed from the ground up for dual-screen devices like the interesting Surface Duo. Later on turned into an OS for single-screen gadgets and potentially Microsofts answer to Googles Chrome OS and Chromebooks. Unfortunately, that plan isnt working out.
In spite of Windows 10Xs obvious shuttering, Microsoft is expected to expose a “brand-new Windows” later on this year. Codenamed “Sun Valley,” it is said to have a revitalized UI, all-new icons, and far more to keep up with the times. Expect more information from Microsoft themselves quickly.
through: Petri