Mixed-reality Apple glasses could add a new dimension to fitness

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Like Apple Watch prior to it, Cupertinos much-anticipated mixed-reality headset looks set to be another leap forward for fitness wearables.
Now picture that the players on the field can see that virtual line too, just like the viewers at house. Thats exactly what Apples newest gadget might deliver, adding an entire new measurement to sports and physical fitness.

Enhanced reality and combined reality are not the same thing

Any gadget that overlays computer system graphics over real-world imagery can be explained as augmented reality or AR. Google Glass was an early pioneer in this location, with its tiny display in the corner of your field of vision.
Apple is most likely to be more enthusiastic. Lighting, shadows and even “individuals occlusion” (e.g. where a football gamer appears in front of the line of skirmish, concealing the virtual line behind them) are all supported.

So when Cupertino finally takes the wraps off its AR hardware, we can anticipate it to leverage this mixed-reality tech. Couple of products on the market today come close to providing this. Those that do are pretty bulky, like Microsoft HoloLens and Nreal Light. Theyre not perfect for fitness and sports.
The worlds very first mixed-reality physical fitness wearable
There are currently 2 Apple AR rumors doing the rounds:

AR wearables are already awesome for physical fitness.
Ive been using an AR wearable in my fitness routine for a long time now. Form Swim Goggles are among my favorite physical fitness gizmos.
Apple Watch does a respectable job of logging swimming pool swims, but I discover Form Swim Goggles are much better in 3 crucial ways:.

Thats exactly what Apples latest gadget could deliver, including a whole brand-new measurement to sports and fitness.

Apple glassesA light-weight headset that looks like a set of regular glasses, enabling the user to see the genuine world through clear lenses and somehow superimposing the virtual content over it. Picture Apple Fitness+, however with a virtual fitness instructor in the room. Of course, there will be a lot more to Apple Glass than physical fitness. As with Apple Watch, I believe physical fitness will turn out to be a killer app for Cupertinos upcoming wearable.

AR apps like D2W put virtual fitness trainers right there in the room with you.Photo: DeMarcus Wares Driven to Win (D2W).
When you see Olympic swimming on TV, you see a line superimposed onto the swimming pool. This shows where the simmers need to be for a world record. Envision how cool it would be if Apple glasses did the exact same thing, however for running, biking or skiing. A marker ahead of you could reveal your individual best. It would resemble having a virtual pacer.
You could use a similar strategy to race a buddy from another location. A guideline could suggest if theyre ahead or behind you, so you could run together essentially, even if theyre on the opposite of the world.
In a football game, envision how handy it would be to in fact see the very first down line, so you could be sure you get the ball across it.

Head-mounted displayA large device with a type element comparable to Valve Index, but utilizing electronic cameras to present the user with video of the world around them, integrated with virtual elements. (Predicted by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloombergs Mark Gurman.).
Apple glassesA light-weight headset that looks like a set of routine glasses, allowing the user to see the real world through clear lenses and in some way superimposing the virtual material over it. Most of the processing would be unloaded onto the iPhone. (Predicted by YouTube star Jon Prosser, who states the gadget will be called Apple Glass.).

Apple glasses will likely provide all these advantages and more. Envision Apple Fitness+, but with a virtual fitness instructor in the room.
If you desire to get a feel for what this might be like, have a look at Driven to Win (D2W), a fantastic physical fitness app by former NFL linebacker DeMarcus Ware. It utilizes Apples ARKit to produce a virtual DeMarcus. (Heres a video of me training with him).

These benefits are not special to swimming– they use to other fitness-related activities. Check out this demo for the Vuzix Blade to see how great AR might be for runners. You can access all the information you require without breaking form by raising your wrist, or risking a mishap by taking your eyes off the road ahead.

Its possible that both products are real and the very first is the precursor for the second, supplying developers with a very first take a look at Apples brand-new “spatial computing” platform.
The head-mounted display sounds too large to be ideal for workout, so its the glasses that physical fitness fans will be awaiting.

I dont have to disrupt my swimming by raising my wrist to check the display.
The display is constantly on, so I get real-time feedback on my efficiency, like having a coach.
The movement sensing unit is connected to my head rather than my wrist, so it can log strokes made with both arms, instead of just one.

Vuzix Blade shows the potential of AR for runnersPhoto: Vuzix.
How Apple glasses could take your fitness to the next level.

Mixed-reality tech uses lidar sensing units to properly approximate the range in between things. Thats how the iPhones Measure app works. So when youre running, for instance, you could see precisely how far it is to a tree in the range. Thats ideal if you want to train for a 100-meter sprint but do not have a track. Apple glasses could even create a full 400-meter Olympic track for you to train on if you have a huge sufficient space.
The future of physical fitness tech is nearly here.
Naturally, there will be a lot more to Apple Glass than fitness. Im sure it will have all kinds of incredible features that we cant even picture yet. However as with Apple Watch, I believe physical fitness will end up being a killer app for Cupertinos upcoming wearable.